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Fixtures & Results

Winter 2019-2020

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Division One

Herne Bay B

October 19
Wed 2   vs. Choughs A Lost 1-8Dbls 2-3 Report
Mon 7   vs. Chestfield Warriors 4 Lost 2-7Dbls 0-3 Report
Wed 16   vs. Herne Bay A A 7:30pm
Mon 28   vs. Chestfield Warriors 7 H 7:30pm
November 19
Thu 7   vs. Chestfield Warriors 5 A 7:30pm
Mon 11   vs. Iron Room C H 7:30pm
Tue 19   vs. Blean A A 7:30pm
December 19
Mon 2   vs. Whitstable Natives A H 7:30pm
Mon 9   vs. Iron Room B H 7:30pm
Thu 19   vs. Chestfield Warriors 6 A 7:30pm
January 20
Mon 13   vs. Choughs A H 7:30pm
Wed 22   vs. Chestfield Warriors 4 A 7:30pm
February 20
Mon 3   vs. Herne Bay A H 7:30pm
Tue 11   vs. Chestfield Warriors 7 A 7:30pm
Mon 17   vs. Chestfield Warriors 5 H 7:30pm
Wed 26   vs. Iron Room C A 7:30pm
March 20
Mon 9   vs. Blean A H 7:30pm
Wed 18   vs. Whitstable Natives A A 7:30pm
Mon 23   vs. Iron Room B A 7:30pm
Mon 30   vs. Chestfield Warriors 6 H 7:30pm

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