Cup Report Preliminary Round 2016-2017 - 17/10/2016

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John Metcalfe
Thu 27 Oct '16 @ 10:36am

Canterbury Table Tennis took a break from the trials of the league programme, as teams from various divisions competed in the preliminary round of 2 cup competitions.

Lew Vale Cup

A mouth-watering opener in the Lew Vale competition was the cup derby match between Chestfield Warriors 3 from division 1, and Chestfield Warriors 5 from division 2. Simon Howe got Warriors 5 off to a good start, making full use of his 9 point advantage to beat Paul Davies 2-0, but Adam Dyer for Warriors 3 overcame John Metcalfe’s 6 point lead to level the match score. Bob Young needed all his 6 point advantage for a 2-0 win over Dirk Froebrich to increase Warriors 5’s points total, followed by Simon winning his 2nd game of the evening to give Warriors 5 a 6-2 lead. However, Warriors 3 fought back hard through 2 wins for Dirk, and with 3 games drawn at 1-1, after 9 singles games the match score was 9-9. The 1st leg of the doubles gave Warriors 5 a comfortable 21-10 win. However, in the 2nd leg Warriors 3 showed their true mettle, fighting back for a tight 24-22 win, to level the score at 10-10. Requiring a 3rd leg of doubles to decide the match, and with Warriors 5 leading 20-19, a fortunate net and edge gave them the match-winning point.
In another division 1 versus division 2 match, saw Whitstable Natives A pitted against Faversham C. For the Natives Barry Cook and Barrie Thomas, both playing off a 13 handicap, and Adam Goodall, playing off 12, needed all their experience to overcome the challenge of Faversham’s Mark Thomas (20), Alan Culver (23), and Kevin Bourner (20). Barry and Mark battled out a 1-1 draw, before Alan managed a creditable 2-0 win over Barrie Thomas to give his team a 3-1 lead. Adam then overcame an 8 point handicap, beating Kevin 2-0 to level the match, followed by a win for Barrie over Mark for a 5-3 lead. A further win for Barry Cook and Adam, plus 3 drawn games, put the match beyond Faversham’s reach, with the score at 12-6 after the singles. However, the 2 teams played out the doubles match, which was drawn, giving both teams a further point each, and a 13-7 win for the Natives.
Herne Bay F, from division 2 had a really steep hill to climb for their match at division 4’s Chestfield Warriors 16. The 2 player team of Kerry and Mark Holmes, both with a 37 point handicap advantage, had to call upon John Wickings (14) from division 1 as their 3rd player. Graham Waters (18), Al Parkes (19) & Jim Burns (17) for Herne Bay were always just behind in this match, the thorn in their side proving to be John Wickings, who managed to overcome his disadvantageous handicap to win all 3 of his games for 6 of the Warriors points. Kerry and Mark earned 2 fine draws apiece, to add 4 more. Jim Burns and Al Parkes overcame massive handicaps to win a game each, and with the draws, the game was finely poised at 10-8 after the singles games. Going into the doubles, Bay F needed to win both legs to tie the match and force a 3rd leg to give themselves a chance of winning. Greatly encouraged by winning the first leg 21-19, bringing the score to 10-9, the Bay team were hugely disappointed to fall at the last hurdle as the Warriors edged a 21-19 leg to win the match 11-9.
John Wickings (14) was back in action again with Chestfield Warriors 6 from division 2, supporting Ricky Kay (10) and Barry Shirley (18) when they welcomed Choughs B to their venue. Joe Morgan (16), Pavel Franek (23) and Jenny Swain (18) for the Choughs found themselves overwhelmed by the Warriors in this match. Joe managed 2 draws against Ricky Kay and John Wickings for 2 points, with Jenny adding a fine win over Barry Shirley and a draw with John, for a further 3 points. With the match score at a winning 13-5 in favour of the Warriors going into the doubles, the victors added another 2 points to the score line, winning both of the doubles legs.
With all 3 players playing off a maximum 40 handicap, James Relf, Ricky Kay Jnr., and Beth Dunkin for Chestfield Warriors 15 faced up to fellow club-mates Chestfield Warriors 9. Bob Hassam (26) managed 3 draws for Warriors 9, overcoming a 14 point deficit on each occasion, Paul Matthews had 2 wins plus a draw, and Sebastian Keeble added 2 wins, giving Warriors 9 an unbeatable 6 point lead after the singles. Ricky Kay Jnr., had a very good win over Sebastian, and draws against Paul and Bob, to earn 4 points for Warriors 15. A draw each for James Relf and Beth Dunkin brought Warriors 15’s match total up to 6 points after the singles. With the match won at 12-6, Warriors 9 went on to take the doubles match 2-0 for an overall winning score of 14-6.
Another 2-man team from division 4, Chestfield Warriors 17, called upon the services of Peter McCaig from division 3 in order to field a full squad to face Whitstable Natives B from division 2. Peter’s son Kenny (37), managed 2 draws, Owen Watson (37) had an excellent win against the Natives’ Keith Garrad, and a draw against David Block. Peter (21) also had a win and a draw giving the Warriors an 8 point total after the singles. However, an unbeaten Tony Causer (13) added 6 points to the Natives 10 point singles total, with the remaining points coming from 3 draws by David, and 1 draw by Keith. Needing to win both the doubles legs, Warriors started well, winning the first leg 21-15, bringing the match score up to 9-10, but the Natives reversed the 2nd leg, winning 21-16, to win the match 11-9.

The Dare Cup

In the preliminary round of the Dare Cup, Whitstable Natives B, playing their 2nd cup game of the week, travelled to face Chestfield Warriors 7 and a handicap deficit of 136 points. Strong resistance from Aaron Hollingsworth, Jill Weaver and Linda Wickings for the Warriors, prevented the Bay’s Tony Causer, Keith Garrad and Dave Block from making too much of an impression on the handicap difference, due to some very close, hotly contested games. After the 9 single matches, the Warriors had put the result beyond the grasp of the losing Natives, leading by 122 points. Playing out the doubles match, which Natives just edged 48-43, reduced the deficit to a 117 point match win for the Warriors.
The division 4 side of Chestfield Warriors 13 had a massive 224 point advantage for their home tie against Herne Bay I from division 3. The Bay team of Colin Chaston, Dave Goddard and Josie Prowse knew they could afford no mistakes if they were to get a result from the game. However, Jan Aldridge, Jenny Jones and Jackie Meese for the Warriors, were dismayed to see their advantage slip away as their opponents won all the singles matches. In doing so, the Herne Bay squad turned the 224 point handicap into a 7 point lead going into the doubles, which they won by 21 points to inflict a 28 point match win over the home side.
Chestfield Warriors 3 from division 1, visited the venue of division 2’s Herne Bay F. Needing to overcome a handicap of 154 points, the Warriors started off well and by the end of 6 games, Dirk Froebrich, Adam Dyer and Ian Blogg had all won 2 games each, reducing the deficit to 32 points, despite the attentions of Graham Waters, Jim Burns and Graeme Sopp. Things went horribly wrong for the Warriors when Adam became unwell and, unable to play his last game, had to concede 50 points to Graeme. Trailing by 60 points after the singles, the match was beyond the reach of the Warriors, and with the doubles game not required, Herne Bay F gratefully claimed the victory.
The final game of the preliminary round saw Chestfield Warriors 5 back in action again with a 176 point advantageous handicap, facing the challenge of yet another division 1 side, Herne Bay D. The Warriors team of John Metcalfe, Simon Howe and Bob Young were pushed hard by Keith Blackmore, Paul Bee and Chris Howard as the Herne Bay side battled to reduce the deficit. Keith won all 6 legs in his matches, with Paul Bee and Chris Howard adding 4 more. However, the points difference in their wins was not enough to put the Bay’s in a potentially winning position and after 9 singles matches, Warriors 5 were still 72 points in front to claim their 2nd cup win of the week and rendering the doubles game unnecessary.

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