League Report Week 5 - 02/11/2015

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John Metcalfe
Mon 16 Nov '15 @ 2:14pm

Premier Division

A merciless Hoath A took on fellow club mates Hoath C, inflicting a 9-0 whitewash and then added a 3-0 doubles win. Simon Rudland won all his 3 matches for the ‘A’ team, as did Ian Mileham and Phil Thomas. Ian and Phil, undefeated in the league this season, currently top the Premier averages with a 100% record.
The 6-3 scoreline in favour of Iron Room A, whose visiting opponents were Chestfield Warriors 2, does nothing to reflect the closeness of this match, which went on late into the evening and required 38 of the available 45 singles legs to produce a result. Playing at the top of his form, Keith Yarnley was the hero of the night for the Iron Room, winning all his matches, with 2 wins from Russell Bates and 1 from Kevin Powell. For the Warriors, Alan Taylor picked up 2 wins, with 1 from Joe Britnell. A 3-0 doubles win also went in favour of the Iron Room.
Herne Bay A had a convincing 8-1home win over Chestfield Warriors 1. Ron Rowley was invincible on the night, winning all his matches 3-0, supported by Peter Roberts (3) and Andy Cannon (2). Kell Davis earned a solitary point for the visitors who, against the odds, picked up an impressive 3-0 doubles result.

Division 1

A close fought match between Chestfield Warriors 3A and Iron Room B ended with a 5-4 win for the Iron Room. Michelle Kingsland and Kevin Beasley both won 2 of their matches and Mike Lee (1), earned the win. Linus Vedeika won 2 for the home team with Jonny Nevett and Ricky Kay adding 1apiece to earn 4 points for the home team. Iron Room however, dominated in the doubles with a 3-0 victory.
Adam Goodall, Barrie Thomas and Nick Fairweather were all on song for Whitstable Natives A who beat Iron Room C 9-0. The losing Iron Room team then surprisingly, redeemed a slice of honour, winning the doubles 3-1.
Choughs A, with a 6-3 win, were just too strong at home to Chestfield Warriors 4. 3 wins for Cliff Ball, plus 2 for Dave Wilkinson and 1 for Roy Baker overcame the challenge of the visitors whose 3 points were won by Denis Cannon (2) and John Wickings (1). Some satisfaction came in the form of a 3-0 doubles win for the Warriors team.
Bob Edwards maintained his 100% record with another 3 wins for Herne Bay C when they took on fellow club mates Herne Bay D. An additional win from Steve Furber was not enough to prevent Herne Bay D winning a close match 5-4. Keith Blackmore and Paul Bee both won 2 games for the ‘D’s, and 1 win by Chris Howard, edged the result. A long, hotly contested doubles match also eventually went 3-2 to the ‘D’ team.
In another local derby, Herne Bay B eased to a 7-2 win over Herne Bay E. 3 wins by Vince Corbin and 2 wins each for Steve Dawson and Simon Lee gave Bay B victory with the Bay E points won by Giulio Guariglia. Bay E then compensated for their singles loss by winning the doubles 3-2.
Paul Davies and Dirk Froebrich yet again both won their 3 matches and with a further 2 wins from Adam Dyer, eased Chestield Warriors 4 to an 8-1 victory over Faversham B. Mark Waters, for Faversham, won their only point, who then surprised the Warriors by claiming a 3-2 doubles triumph.

Division 2

With 2 regular players unavailable, Chestfield Warriors 8’s Mark Allen enlisted the help of Mark Dixon and Paul Anthony from Division 4. A ruthless Chestfield Warriors 6, with Richard Bothamley, John Metcalfe and Bob Young exploiting the advantage, won all the games for a 9-0 result and a 3-0 win in the doubles.
2 wins for Aaron Hollingsorth and1 each for Linda Wickings and Jill Weaver for Chestfield Warriors 7 was not enough to prevent a 5-4 defeat by Whitstable Natives B. Tony Causer won his 3 matches, and with 2 more from Keith Garrad, gave Natives the win. The doubles was hard fought, but ended with a 3-1 win for the Warriors.

Division 3

Chestfield Warriors 10 had to call on the services of a young Shem Lejarde from Division 4 in order to put out a full team against Herne Bay G. In another lengthy contest, Simon Howe won his 3 matches, and with 2 from Bernard Ebeck and 1by Shem, gave the Warriors a 6-3 win. 2 wins for Roger Townsin and 1 by Paul Messenger gave Herne Bay 3 points who also won a tough doubles match 3-2.
Whitstable Natives C took on Faversham D who left with a 6-3 win under their belt. Despite Colin Floodgate (1) having to concede 2 of his matches for the visitors, Alan Culver (3) and Marc Hay (2) did enough to ensure the win. Peter Tregear (2) and Peter Godden (1) saved 3 points for the Natives but the Faversham side then took the doubles 3-0.
A disappointed Chestfield Warriors 9 came away from Blean C after losing 6-3. Keith Ackland (3) was undefeated on the night, with Dave Mason (2) and Steve Hutton (1) adding to the home score. 2 well earned points came from Caroline Hanson for the visitors plus 1 from Bill Hackney. The Blean side were too strong in the doubles, winning 3-1.
Herne Bay I romped to a 9-0 victory over fellow clubmates Herne Bay H. Simon Chambers, Les Taylor and Al Parkes won all their matches and then added a 3-0 doubles win to their tally.
Blean B found themselves in a tough encounter at home against a stubborn Choughs C. The 5-4 scoreline for the home side was earned by 2 wins each from Laurie Newman and Alan Dilnot, and 1 from Peter Cole. Jackie Fox won all 3 matches for the visitors, with a 4th win from Richard Partridge. Honours were even when Choughs won the doubles 3-0.

Division 4

Only 2 matches were played in Division 4. Rob and Jack Yates for Chestfield Warriors 15 had a close 3-2 singles win over the Herne Bay J side of Linda Sopp and Val Rankin, adding a 3-0 win in the doubles to round off the match.
Sebastion Keeble won the only game for Chestfield Warriors 14 who lost 4-1 to clubmates Chestfield Warriors 19. Paul Anthony (2) and Mark Dixon (1) for Warriors 19 also won the match doubles completing the 4-1 scoreline. They then won the doubles competition match 3-0.

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