Cup Report Round 1 2015 - 2016

Started by John Metcalfe

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John Metcalfe
Mon 16 Nov '15 @ 1:58pm

Five matches were played in the Dare Cup 1st round. Chestfield Warriors 3A were drawn at home to Faversham C, but despite Ricky Kay, Adam Dyer and Jonny Nevett winning all their matches for the Warriors, Mark Thomas, Kevin Bourner and Nick Brearley took full advantage of a massive 240 point handicap, winning by 61 points. Choughs B went to Chestfield Warriors 4 with a 120 point start. In a close match, Russell Swain, Joe Morgan and Reuben Tozer for Choughs, just did enough to overcome the Warriors team of Jonny Nevett, Dirk Froebrich and Adam Dyer, winning by 13 points. Chestfield Warriors 6 made the most of a home tie against Faversham D (Alan Culver, Mike Ayris, Mark Hay). The Faversham side had a 112 point advantage to start, but were soon overwhelmed by the Warriors team of Richard Bothamley, Bob Young and John Metcalfe, who won by 174 points. Despite a 216 point handicap advantage, Chestfield Warriors 14 were unable to stop Chestfield Warriors 11and lost by 45 points. Rowan Brough, Shaun Reid and James Reid were undefeated for Warriors 11, completely overpowering the Warriors 14 Keeble trio. Chestfield Warriors 19 needed all of their 40 point start over Chestfield Warriors 16. Lewis, George and Tony Marsh for Warriors 16 conceded too many points against Paul Anthony, Mark Dixon and Jan Aldridge, giving the victory to Warriors 19 by the narrow margin of 7 points.
The Lew Vale Cup is of a different format. With team players allocated an individual handicap, each player plays 2 legs to 21 points, including handicap differences and the match result is decided by the overall number of legs won.
Round 1 of this competition produced a really close contest between Herne Bay C and Chestfield Warriors 7. Jill Weaver, Aaron Hollingsworth and Linda Wickens for Warriors, needed all of their handicap advantage against the Herne Bay team of Mick Micklethwaite Stan Truckell and Bob Edwards. With the match score at 9-9 after the singles, the deciding doubles match was won by the Warriors, giving them a hotly contested victory. An even closer match between Whitstable Natives A, (Adam Goodall, Barry Thomas, Nick Fairweather) and Chestfield Warriors 6A required a 3rd doubles match to produce a winner. Colin Relf, Peter McCabe and David Chapman for the Warriors were 10-8 down after the singles, but won the doubles 2-0 to bring the match score level at 10-10. The deciding 3rd doubles match was equally intense with Natives A eventually winning 24-22 to give them the victory. Chestfield Warriors 5 easily overcame Chestfield Warriors 9, beating them 18-2. Caroline Hanson for Warriors 9 won 2 legs to prevent a whitewash, but Steve Tebbett, Tony Morgan & Dave Hanson (Warriors 5) were far too strong for the lower ranked team. Herne Bay K could only field two players against the more experienced team of Chestfield Warriors 10. Paul Matthews, Simon Howe and Bernard Ebeck for Warriors took advantage, winning the match 12-4. Representing Chestfield Warriors 8, Mark Allen, Stuart Colley and Paul Anthony, lost 12-8 to Herne Bay I with Colin Chaston, Simon Chambers and Al Parkes claiming the result for Herne Bay. Shem Lejarde helped Chestfield Warriors 17 to victory over Whistable Natives B by winning all his matches. A close 11-9 result for the Warriors was supported by Callum Minnis and Mark Dixon with Peter Tregar, Chris Near and Peter Godden for Natives, just unable to overcome the handicapping. Despite handicap advantage, Chestfield Warriors 16 lost heavily, away to a greater experienced Blean B team. Laurie Newman, Paul Simmonds and Peter Cole inflicted a 16-4 victory over the Warriors, with Lewis and George Marsh salvaging four pointsfor the losers.

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