League Report Week 1 28/09/2015

Started by John Metcalfe

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John Metcalfe
Mon 16 Nov '15 @ 12:47pm

A close match in the Premier Division between Hoath A and Heron A resulted in a 5-4 win for the home team with Ian Mileham winning his three matches to help secure the victory. Hoath B kept a clean sheet against Chestfield Warriors 1, winning 9-0. 16 year old Kell Davis, playing for the first time in the Premier Division, gave Simon Hillier of Hoath B a tough match. With their score at 2-2, an epic 5th game was finally won by Simon 21-19. Usually the first to get to 11 by 2 clear points is the winner! Iron Room A produced a comfortable 7-2 win when they travelled to Herne Bay A, and Chestfield Warriors 2 won 6-3 away to Faversham A thanks to 3 wins by Joe Britnell and 2 by Paul Waumsley.

In Division 1, Chestfield Warriors 3 welcomed Herne Bay E and beat them 7-2. Denis Cannon won all three of his games for the home team with two apiece from John Wickings and Tony Morgan. Frank Carlucci won the two games for the away side. A tight match between Iron Room B and Herne Bay D saw the Iron Room win 5-4, but lose the doubles 0-3. Chestfield Warriors 3A cruised to a comfortable 9-0 win over Iron Room C who unfortunately, could only field two players. Herne Bay B met Whitstable Natives A, winning 6-3 and the doubles 2-1.

Division 2 saw Chestfield Warriors 8 lose heavily to Blean A, the away side winning 9-0 and the doubles 3-0. Faversham C entertained Chestfield Warriors 6A and won 6-3 helped by Nick Wibberley winning all three of his games. Chestfield Warriors 6 played Whitstable Natives B, winning 6-3 thanks to a treble by John Metcalfe, but lost the doubles 2-3.

Chestfield Warriors 9 took on Herne Bay G in Division 3 but lost 2-7 on their home turf with Paul Messenger and Robert Nutter both winning their three games for the away team. Blean B also lost their home match to Faversham D 3-6 but redeemed themselves by winning the doubles 3-0, Laurie Newman winning the three games for the home side. A close match between Warriors 10 and Whitstable Natives C saw the home side prevail by winning 5-4, but then lose the doubles 3-0. Peter Tregear was undefeated for the Natives team.

The Division 4 match between Chestfield Warriors 14 and Chestfield Warriors 18 produced a memorable battle between Harvey Keeble and Jan Aldridge. Three of their five games went beyond the required eleven points with Harvey emerging triumphant. Coming from 2-1 down, he won the last 2 legs 13-11, 12-10. However, it was not enough to prevent Warriors 18 winning the match by 3-2. Chestfield Warriors 19 lost 1-4 to Herne Bay K, then recover to win the doubles 3-0. Chestfield Warriors 16 proved to be too strong for Chestfield Warriors 17, winning 5-0 and the doubles 3-0.

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