League report w/c 12/1/15

Started by Denis Cannon

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Denis Cannon
Thu 22 Jan '15 @ 8:52am

Thanks Russell, that certainly removes any possible future arguments !

I'm not sure what Phil's injury is but hope he recovers soon.

Denis Cannon

Russell Bates
Tue 20 Jan '15 @ 12:58pm

Just a quick update on the Iron Room A v Hoath C game. Our thanks to Hoath C for their sporting gesture of offering to play Phil's last 2 games at a later date. However, this would not be the right or fair thing to do, so the result stands as it is on the table. Thanks again to Hoath C and best wishes to Phil as he continues on his road to recovery.
Russell Bates (Iron Room A)

Denis Cannon
Tue 20 Jan '15 @ 8:38am

The league programme is underway again after the Christmas break with ten matches reported from last week.

In the Premier division the league leaders Iron Room A entertained Hoath C and were leading 7/0 when Iron Room’s Phil Morford injured himself so Hoath agreed to play the two remaining games at a later date. Second placed Hoath A had a convincing 7/2 win against third placed Herne Bay A with Bay’s Pete Roberts winning against Barry Chapman and Ian Mileham to give the Bay team a consolation two points. The other game played was a 5/4 victory for Iron Room B against Heron A thanks to a Paul Smallman treble.

Three matches were reported in Division 1. Leaders Faversham A won 8/1 against Iron Room C to maintain their 8 point lead over second placed CW2 and third placed Herne Bay B beat Natives A 6/3, Bay’s Simon Lee unbeaten on the night. The other match played was a 5/4 victory for Herne Bay C over CW3 despite Warrior’s Adam Dyer winning all three.

There was just one game in Division 2 , a 5/4 win for Herne Bay E over CW4 thanks to a Jim Burns maximum.

In Division 3 Blean B recorded a 5/4 win over Faversham C, Lawrence Newman unbeaten for the winners and Natives B won 8/1 against Faversham D, just Faversham’s John Kelly responding with a win against Keith Garrad.

The runaway leaders of Division 4, Herne Bay J, recorded another maximum 5/0 victory against CW9.

All players are reminded that the Closed Tournament this year takes place on the 29th March and is being organized by Simon Hillier with a slightly changed format to give younger players more games on the day.

Denis Cannon

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