Closed Tournament Report Number 2

Started by Denis Cannon

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Denis Cannon
Tue 18 Mar '14 @ 12:09am

For unknown reasons, but almost certainly due to my incredible computer skills, the last paragraph of my report was missed off, so.......

Huge thanks too to Mary and Sue who year after year provide endless cups of tea and coffee and assorted cakes, bacon rolls and hot dogs to those of us sensible enough to bring cash and not packed lunches. Thanks also to Sue Chapman for organising the raffle and selling the tickets, this is an essential source of cash for the league and to all who brought prizes, many thanks but apologies to Ray Jordan whose otherwise perfect day was ruined by winning the wine I donated.

Finally thanks to Jack Stewart for bringing along Tina's beautiful grandaughter and presumably future ladies singles winner and to Dennis Hill for allowing his three extremely well behaved children to be taught magic tricks by yours truly and looked after by Connor Russell who somehow persuaded the children he was Harry Potter in disguise.

Denis Cannon

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