Closed Tournament report 16/3/14

Started by Denis Cannon

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Denis Cannon
Mon 17 Mar '14 @ 3:41pm

The Canterbury Closed Tournament took place on Sunday 16th March and in the open singles event there were few surprises with three of the top four seeds contesting the semi-finals along with the number five seeded player. In the early rounds there were a couple of good wins from unseeded players, the best of which was an excellent victory for Adam Goodall over the number fourteen seed Lee Edgington. The other seeded player to lose an early match was number 13 seed Mike Chapman who lost to first division player Jake Coombes. Other notable wins were a victory for Connor Russell over previous winner Alan Taylor and Kevin Powell over Ron Rowley, both in the third round.

At the quarter final stage all the top seeds were intact, the only one missing from the semi -final matches was number four seed Mike Howard who lost to the number five seed David Jeavons. The first of the semi finals was between the number three seed Ray Jordan and the number two seed Barry Chapman, Ray Jordan winning a very close game in the fourth set. In the other semi-final a tremendous tussle between the number one seed Phil Morford and David Jeavons resulted in a narrow five set win for Phil Morford. The final itself was as expected a quality match which could have gone either way but eventually last year’s losing finalist, Ray Jordan, won a four set match 12/10, 8/11, 11/8, 14/12 to take the title.

The open doubles event featured most of the same players with the semi –finals being contested by Morford/Powell against Hillier/Russell and Roberts/Jeavons playing Jordan/Edgington. Once again both matches were tightly contested but the pairings of Morford/Powell and Roberts/Jeavons won through to play in the final and the final itself was a four set victory for Roberts/Jeavons 11/9, 9/11, 11/9, 11/8.

There were very few entries for the ladies events this year and the two highest seeds, Di Pearce and Tina Stewart, were expected to contest the final. In the semi final Di Pearce beat Linda Wickings and Tina Stewart beat Jill Weaver to set up the game between the two top seeds but the match didn’t go the way of the seeding , number two seed Tina beating Di in three sets, 11/6, 11/9, 11/7.

The ladies doubles was a much closer final, the pairing of Di Pearce and Jenny Hogben narrowly losing to the Warriors pair, Linda Wickings and Jill Weaver 8/11, 11/8, 5/11, 11/6, 9/11.

In the veterans singles the seeding was exactly right with the top four seeds all contesting the semi-finals. Ron Rowley, seeded four, put in a fantastic display of counter attacking to beat the number one seed Phil Morford and in the other semi –final Mike Howard used his incredible ability to attack with a hard bat to beat Barry Chapman in four sets. Once again it was a top quality final, Mike Howard taking the match 11/5, 11/8, 7/11, 16/14.

In the vets doubles the seeding was once again accurate and in the first semi-final the pairing of Chapman/Rowley beat Martin/Chapman in straight sets while in the second the Howard/Hearn pair beat Edgington/Cannon in four. The final was a very attacking match which Mike Howard and Chris Hearn won in four sets.

The mixed doubles event understandably had a low entry but the final was contested between the top two seeded pairs and the combination of David Jeavons and Tina Stewart proved too strong for Barry Chapman and Linda Wickings in a very high quality match.

The over 60’s event had twelve entries this year which might say something about the longevity of table tennis players and not a Zimmer frame in sight, but once again the top four seeds contested the semi-finals and this time it was evenly split between the men and ladies. In the first semi-final the fourth seed Tina Stewart beat the number one seed Di Pearce in four sets and in the other semi-final Denis Cannon beat Arthur Martin, also in four sets. The final itself was a very close match with Tina Stewart winning all the fast rallies but Denis Cannon managed to hold on for a five set win and retain the title for a third consecutive year.

The Division one entry this year had probably one of the highest standard of players for many years, the four semi-finalists being Adam Goodall against Kell Davies and Tina Stewart against Jake Coombes. In the first semi-final Adam Goodall managed to overcome one of the best prospects in the Canterbury league, Kell Davies, and in the other the number one seed and favourite Jake Coombes beat Tina Stewart. In most years any one of these four players would be good enough to take the title but in the event it was Jake Coombes who won in a four set victory, 6/11, 11/6, 11/9, 11/8.

In the Division two event the semi-finals were between Joe Morgan and Mick Micklethwaite and Adam Dyer and Jill Weaver. The experience of Mick Micklethwaite proved too much for Joe Morgan in the first semi and the attacking play of Adam Dyer overcame Jill Weaver’s resistance in the second semi-final. In the final Adam Dyer managed to overcome the blocking of Mick Micklethwaite and took the match 11/8, 11/7, 11/6.

The Division three semi-finalists were once again as expected in a fairly large entry. Callum McDonagh beat Matt Waters in the first semi-final and Jon Nevitt beat John Metcalfe in the other. The final was a close four set win for Callum McDonagh 11,9, 7/11, 11/4, 11,9.

Of course the unsung heroes of the day were the event organizers and a huge thanks is due in particular to Richard Partridge who really is the person who makes the whole thing happen and has done for many years, but also to Jill Weaver and Charles Harman for all their work on the day doing the difficult and too often unappreciated job of trying to keep the tables occupied at all times. Thanks is also due to Simon Hillier for organising and arranging the draw and thanks too to those who came on the Saturday to set the tables up and stayed behind to help clear away.

Denis Cannon

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