League report w/c 6/1/14

Started by Denis Cannon

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Denis Cannon
Mon 13 Jan '14 @ 7:00pm

The first week of 2014 has seen an unusually large number of matches reported with all five divisions represented. In the Premier Division, title contenders Hoath A had an easy 9/0 victory against CW1 thanks to Barry Chapman's 18 nets and edges and second placed Hoath C beat bottom club Herne Bay B by the same margin. Herne Bay A had a narrow 5/4 victory over Iron Room B and Choughs A won 6/3 against Heron A thanks to maximums from Ian Cooke and Paul Waumsley.

In Division One the leaders CW2 beat third placed Herne Bay C by 7/2 with trebles from Mick Eames and Jake Coombes and second placed Faversham A narrowly beat Natives A 5/4. Mid table Iron Room C met CW3 who are one place below them and ran out 6/3 winners and two player Heron B beat Blue Lawn 5/4 thanks to a fine treble from Peter Chapman. The other match played in this division was a 6/3 win for CW4 over Choughs B.

Division Two leaders Herne Bay F had a convincing 9/0 victory against Faversham B and second placed Herne Bay D beat third placed Herne Bay E by 7/2. Another club clash was the game between Choughs C and Choughs D where a treble from the C team’s David Cooke ensured a 7/2 win keeping the C team within reach of the division leaders. One other match played was a 6/3 victory for Blean Lions over CW5.

Division three leaders had a blank week but second placed Natives B won 6/3 against Faversham C with maximums from Gordon Williams and Dave Block. Third placed Blean C won 6/3 against Choughs E, Blean’s Kevin West with three wins and Chough’s Jenny Hogben responding with two wins on the night. Elsewhere CW9 beat CW7 by 8/1 and Herne Bay G beat Herne Bay H by 6/3.

There were two matches played in Division Four. Herne Bay L beat Herne Bay K 3/2 and Herne Bay I beat Herne Bay J 4/1, both Linda Sopp and Val Ranken unbeaten but dropping a point in the doubles.

Finally I would like to wish Iron Room's Phil Morford a very happy new year, partly in the hope he might let me win a point, but also for his xmas message on the last entry which I've just seen.

Denis Cannon

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