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Denis Cannon
Mon 25 Nov '13 @ 3:10pm


SUNDAY 10th NOVEMBER 2013 at The Howard TTC, Rainham.


Congratulations to:
Winners Maidstone B Petar Tancevski, Adam Simpson, Miro Danadzhiev,
Runners Up Canterbury B Connor Russell, Kell Davies, Jack Young
Semifinalists Tonbridge TWells Roger Pingram, Ming Majoe, Sue Sullivan and Maidstone A Gillian Skilbeck, Jill Shipton, Ted Tydeman.

Ten teams from across the County took part in this event for players of Kent League division 2 and 3 standard.
The matches comprise of 4 singles and a doubles and who plays A/B/C or X/Y/Z is drawn by lots for each match (A and Y play 2 singles, everyone else plays 1 singles and 1 doubles). Each match finishes as soon as a team wins three games, making the doubles a key game as it is the third game.

Group 1
1st Maidstone B
beat Medway 3-2, beat Folkestone A 3-1, beat Gravesend 3-1, beat Canterbury B 3-1
2nd Canterbury B
beat Medway 3-0, beat Folkestone 3-1, beat Gravesend 3-0
3rd Folkestone A
beat Medway 3-1, beat Gravesend 3-0
4th Medway
beat Gravesend 3-0
5th Gravesend

Group 2
1st Tonbridge/TW
beat Maidstone A 3-1, beat Folkestone B 3-0, beat Ashford 3-0, beat Canterbury A 3-0
2nd Maidstone A
beat Folkestone B 3-0, beat Ashford 3-2, beat Canterbury A 3-0
3rd Ashford
beat Folkestone B 3-0, beat Canterbury A 3-0
4th Canterbury A
beat Folkestone B 3-0
5th Folkestone B

Semi Finals
Maidstone B beat Maidstone A 3-2
Tonbridge/TW lost Canterbury B 3-1

Maidstone B beat Canterbury B 3-2

1st Maidstone B 2nd Canterbury B 3rd Tonbridge/TW 4th Maidstone A 5th Folkestone A 6th Ashford 7th Medway 8th Canterbury A 9th Gravesend 10th Folkestone B

The final was a tense affair and kept the audience on the edge of their seats. It was a repeat of Maidstone B's first group match when they overcome the Canterbury B youngsters, of whom Connor Russell is rated around 80th in the UK at under 18 and who went all day without losing a game.

The drawing of lots left Adam Simpson playing the two singles and as it happened his second game proved to be the crucial one. Maidstone shared the first two singles with Miro Danadzhiev and Connor Russell respectively winning. Then Canterbury won the doubles in straight legs to get their nose in front. So at 2-1 down Maidstone needed to win the last two singles. These last two singles started together on adjoining tables and if Maidstone lost game 4 it was all over. Game 4 was Adam Simpson versus Jack Young. Adam went 2-0 up then dropped a leg to be only 2-1 up. Meanwhile game 5 finished with Petar Tancevski taking it from Kell Davies, which would prove decisive but only if Maidstone won game 4. Game 4 went to 2-2, so everything then depended on the very last leg of the afternoon. As the tension took hold Adam came over the line to win 11-6, so Petar Tancevski's win in the 5th game sealed the title for Maidstone B.

A hard fight all day by all three Maidstone B players had left them as the only undefeated team whilst Canterbury B's Connor Russell was the only undefeated player. Congratulations to them all.

The group placings finished up with Maidstone's two teams clashing in the semis. Tonbridge/TW included Roger Pingram and Ming Majoe in their ranks and were just a bit too strong for Maidstone A and the other teams in group 2, so winning the group undefeated but were then overcome by the Canterbury B youngsters from Chestfield Warriors in the other semi. The key semifinal games were probably Miro Danadzhiev overcoming Ted Tydeman 3-1 to tip the game in Maidstone A 's favour and Connor Russell overcoming Roger Pingram 3-2 to get Canterbury B off to a good start.

The tournament is supported by the KCTTA but it aims to be self funding, costs being covered by the �35 entry fee for each team.
Every player is to be thanked for their participation in the competition and providing numerous excitingly close games, many going to deuce in the fifth. The ages of the competitors ranged from 14 to 75 and included 7 ladies - all played their part in providing a competitive but friendly event. It was tough going as play was continuous, having started at 9am it concluded at 4.45pm.
The ladies of Folkestone B (Jan, Wendy and Kate) from division 3 deserve especial mention as they battled hard to win games against teams, all ranked higher than themselves. One of the biggest cheers of the day was their one win, in the doubles in their final placing match v Gravesend, who themselves are thanked for filling in at late notice to replace the Thanet team (forced to withdraw for strong unavoidable family reasons). The youngsters of Chestfield Warriors were a credit to their club and the team they represented, Ted Tydeman as the oldest participant did superbly well to play all his allocated games but there were heroes in all teams, however, we need also to acknowledge those in the background who made the day a success.
Mrs Diddams of the Howard club who serviced everyone with bacon butties, various rolls, snacks and copies supply of hot and cold drinks. David Cue as overall organiser, coordinator and tournament scheduler (who managed to fit in a new hip operation as well as the tournament), his band of helpers collating the results (Neil Le Milliere), setting up the matches and drawing lots with captains (Bob Baker and Malcolm McKay), Steve Waud the Howard Centre Manager for ensuring the venue was ready for play and tidying up afterwards. Lastly but not least of course were those who came to spectate, as they added to the atmosphere.

It was the first time for most of the players in such a competition, which provides games against players from across the county that they do not normally get the opportunity to play. A contrasting range of styles, a playing format that is unique in Table Tennis all helped to provide an excellent days TT.

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