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N e w s L I N K
M a y 2 0 1 2

To act as controlling and governing body for the Sport of Table Tennis in the
County of Kent, subject to overriding decisions of the National Council of the
To assist and encourage the formation of Table Tennis leagues and Clubs in
the County of Kent and to promote game in every possible way.

Your Committee wants to keep you posted on its activity and to have you
reciprocate, so that we all gain. Please let your committee know what you think, we
need to know to better get the right results that will benefit you, the members. We
also need to know on things we have not thought of that you want and why you think
it is a good idea. If any of the matters raised in Committee need further information,
clarification or you have something to say on the subject raised, then do take the
time to let us know. Contact committee@kent.net or via chairman or

What is in this issue. NEWS and VIEWS. CLOSED

In the March issue were ideas to increase participation in KCTTA events and
update of our website. Where are these at now?
Kent League - we have no Senior or Junior divisions but there may be some who
would like to play. Making the current Veterans divisions any age would enable them
to participate. Players asked in divisions 2 and 3 responded by wanting to keep it as
Veterans only. Committee discussion thought it may bring in a few extra players but
that could be offset by veterans not participating.

It is realised the ETTA British League, National League and Grand Prix and indeed
the VETTS competititions have taken away from the desire to play in the Kent
League, consequently we are unlikely to recover the Senior and Junior divisions. The
Veterans division one particularly has also seen a drop in team numbers and
possibly a central venue may improve matters. At present It was concluded that no
change would be proposed for next season. However if there is Senior or Junior who
would like to play let us know.
Kent Team Competition (3 a side teams, four singles and a doubles, first to three
wins). This event has been successful. Initially it was for Seniors but as insufficient
numbers the veterans were invited to participate. Upto ten teams enter, playing in
groups of 5 with semi-final and final for top two in each group and the remainder
having a final round to rank teams from 5th to 10th places.
Interest has been shown in expanding this competition for players who cannot make
the standard of the teams who currently play and it was agreed to do so, given
sufficient teams to make up at least another group but preferably ten teams. David
Cue will be canvassing Kent League teams to see how much interest there is. Let
David know know if your League to wants participate. Tel 01233 623983.
Web - as is known we are without a webmaster and need to update the old site. It is
suggested we move the KCTTA web site into the ETTA's Table Tennis 365 format,
as this option that provides the best support, and is straightforward to set up at least
cost and risk to the KCTTA. We know some leagues have run the 365 system in
parallel with their old system and that it has ongoing updates introduced by the ETTA
to enhance its content and usefulness.
What is your experience of the 365 system? Most importantly is there anyone who is
capable and wants to drive as a project to redevelop our web site?
The committee feel on the scale of importance the web site is about 8/10 (very
important) so we need to resolve this, if necessary, should no volunteer be available,
then we may have to consider paying for professional knowledge to do it.
Survival in Numbers - if we all work in closer cooperation with our Leagues, Premier
Clubs and us the County Association, sharing our experiences for mutual benefit, we
can make a difference and enhance TT in Kent. The County has a role to play in
achieving that, along with you all.
The Committee have agreed to hold another presentation at the AGM. Janet Field
gave us the run down on the Darenth/ Sevenoaks Development League, which has
done well since its inception. Last year Claire Moore explained the Junior
Development Series to the AGM, which has been run this year and concludes in
June. This years presentation is planned to be called Change - but to be held as a
discussion rather more than a talk. Ideas raised can be part of a plan to develop Kent
TT for the benefit of all, in line with the KCTTA mission statement and objectives.
This May issue of NewsLINK raises County Team Policy, Betts - Buist Fund,
Affiliation fees, Umpires.
The County Team Policy is being updated, covering all aspects relating to how we
organise, run, select and rank players, expenses and best practice in how our teams
operate. Any comments to be into Coordinator Ted Tydeman by 31st May. We intend
to begin replacing some of the now very well worn team shirts as part of the update.
The Betts - Buist Fund is held to assist younger players to develop and progress. It
may not be well known but it is there to help our County youth in memory of these
two well known past Kent members.
The ETTA Individual Membership fees are projected to go up to £10 (Seniors) and
will be voted upon at their AGM on 07th July. Our National Councillors recommend
you make sure you get there or vote by proxy to ensure you have your say. Sport
England indeed think the ETTA ought to raise it further, in line line with other sports,
ie Badminton I understand is £15 and other similar sports are £20.
The KCTTA is going to propose its Affiliation fees paid by our Leagues is increased
by 17.5%, to maintain a balanced budget and to allow for increasing assistance to
schemes that are going to benefit TT in Kent. The fee has not increased since 2005
and the notice given at last years AGM is felt now needs to be implemented.
Umpires - David Cue has beavered away on our behalf to gradually increase
numbers, now reaching 17 at County Umpire status and very recently the addition of
Pam Butcher as well. David needs your help to reach his target of getting 2 umpires
within each of our Leagues. Anyone interested, it is worthwhile? Contact David on
01233 623983, he will be pleased to hear from you. Don't forget they are also
available to help you at your local League Closed Tournaments.
The Senior Closed had 42 entries and the Juniors Closed a pleasing 52 entries. The
Junior numbers were increased this year with some coming through from the Junior
Development Series that Caire Moore has conducted. Thanks to Bob Baker and his
team, Linda Sopp and Steve Bispham in particular, for their efforts.
The full round by round results and photos will be posted on the website when it can
be completed. A list of winners is included at the end of this NewsLINK document.
The Early May Bank Holiday weekend seemed to suit the Juniors, whilst moving the
Seniors back into April the last two years has not increased numbers, not helped by
fact events have been held in two halls. So the current thinking is next years Closed
will be in one large hall on the Saturday and Sunday of the Early May Bank Holiday.
When. Wednesday 04th July 2012. 7.30pm. Where. Civil Service Social Club,
Maidstone. Agenda. 1. Present. 2. Minutes. 3. Annual Report of Management
Committee. 4. Statement of Accounts. 5. Rule Change Proposals. 6. Election of
President, Vice Presidents, Officers, Committee Members, Auditor.
A Presentation and Discussion will be held at most appropriate point in meeting.
Who is or is not re-standing for the coming year. Not seeking re- election and
standing down at the AGM are; Mark Romano, Les Etheridge and Gary Howes. The
remaining Officers and Committee members are prepared to re-stand for election,
although our National Councillor and the Deputy have swopped posts with Ken not
seeking re- election as Councillor, Neil has stepped up from Deputy.
We need a Chair and Treasurer for the coming season. We also need someone
to come forward to assist Ted on County Teams coordination and to then
takeover from him. Ken has also said that someone needs to take on a National
Councillor or Deputy role as he is wishing to stand down but agreed to delay
that for the moment, staying as Deputy just for this coming season. We need a
Webmaster as well.
Clearly those standing down will be very much missed and an great debt of
gratitude is owed for their time and effort. Whilst it will always be difficult to
replace such members who have served the Association so well new,
constructive, blood is though always beneficial. Now is just the time when it is
required. Anyone interested in moving the Association forward, building on the
solid work carried out by so many over the years and want to know what any
role involves, then please contact the secretary@kctta.net.
The full AGM notice and details will be included in the next NewsLINK issue in June.
The third committee meeting was on 07th March at the Civil Social and Sports Club,
Maidstone. The meeting record included:
1. Present Mark Romano, Bob Baker, Roger Harris, Les Etheridge, Ted
Tydeman, Marianne Jorgensen, Jill Shipton. Apology - Neil Le Milliere, Ken Muhr, David
Cue, Gary Howes.
2. Minutes of 07th December 2011 and Matters Arising
2.1 Approve Meeting Record CM071211.
The draft was discussed, points were raised and the meeting record was agreed.
2.2 Matters Arising
2.2.1 Web Site Recommendation - the idea of utilising the ETTA 365 system was reaffirmed.
It has two options, at nil cost with preconfigured advertising or at a small cost with no
advertising (but to which you can add your own to raise revenue). The reason for this
proposal is the system is fully supported and it otherwise fulfills our needs such as Officers
and Captains being able to add reports and putting Kent League results and tables on to it.
The KCTTA problem remains having someone to be our web master. Ted will discuss with
others outside the KCTTA to see if it is something he may be able to do. He will report back
at next meeting. 2.2.2 Thanet AGM non attendance fine - it was confirmed this would not be
applied as notice was not sent. 2.2.3 Unpaid Fees - Canterbury's fees were paid in January,
after clarifying fee categories from which is was noted there had been overpayment last year
of £26. A refund in that sum was agreed. 2.2.4 Kent League Any Age Divisions and Juniors -
no discussion. 2.2.5 County Teams Policy inc Ranking and Selection for next season - Ted
tabled a draft document for comment. It will be discussed at the next meeting. 2.2.6
Development Funding Policy Revision - a document is to be finalised after an amount to be
held in a fund is agreed. 2.2.7 Funding Applications - it was confirmed the current Policy
stated the procedure and details required but there was not a standard form. The Y Centre
project was developing. It was envisaged the application, already agreed in principle for upto
£1k, would be submitted in more detail as the scheme progresses. A cheque to Darenth for
their approved application was passed to Roger for giving to the Darenth Treasurer. Darenth
had thanked us for our grant.
3. Reports and New Issues
3.1 Chair - Mark. No items. 3.2 Vice Chair - Bob. No items. 3.3 Secretary - Roger.
Correspondence had been received from Sittingbourne noting the KCTTA had not advised
them of the clash of Tournament dates. Bob confirmed this had not been done. The Secretary
advised having responded with an explanation as also Ted had done. 3.4 Treasurer - Les. A
Balance sheet was tabled showing Income at £3,718.67 and Expenditure at £2,964.85 with
£284.17 in the Current Account and £11,420.43 in the Deposit Account and Debtors at £5. It
was however projected there would be a deficit of spend over income this year. The Signatory
documentation to replace Angie has to be completed. 3.5 County Teams - Ted. A record of all
the teams results was sent out by Ted prior to the meeting. There were no specific items
addressed. 3.6 Kent League - David. The League results and divisional tables had been
circulated to team captains. Two matches, Div1 Dover A v Canterbury A and Div2 Tonbridge
A v Canterbury B in both of which the Canterbury teams defaulted. It was agreed the standard
adjudication formula shall be applied. In the case of the Div2 match Tonbridge had paid
expenses of £30 for the hall plus the teas provided, as their opponents failed to show without
notification nor apology. The competition rules will identify whether the costs are
reimbursable. Canterbury to be advised by David. It was reported the Kent Team Tournament
was successfully held with 10 teams, Folkestone coming out as winners and Medway B as
runner up. Issue; Kent Team Competition expansion - It was suggested that players at the
intermediate level would welcome the opportunity to enter the event. The matter will need to
be taken up with David Cue and would have to be self funding and someone required to run
it. 3.7 Umpires - David. No report. 3.8 Closed Tournament - Bob. The event was being
marketed as much as practically could be done. Bob asked whether Emma Torkington would
be permitted to enter as it would not comply with the 5 year rule. As Emma was playing for
Kent it was agreed entry into the Juniors will be permitted. Help in doing wall charts and
related tasks on the day would be appreciated. 3.9 Coaching - Mark Walsh. No report. 3.10
National Council - Ken, Neil. Ken had separately submitted circulated his report prior to the
meeting. There were no specific issues discussed. 3.11 Development - Roger Issue; Roger
felt we should have a way forward strategy, to be proactive in order to mitigate diminishing
leagues and increase participation numbers. A talk and promotional workshop was suggested
be held at the AGM. Ideas such as Banded Competitions, both singles and 2 a side can be
considered if there is someone to organise them. 3.12 Committee Members - Marianne, Jill,
Wayne. No items.
4. Any Other Business
Ted confirmed that extra trophies for the Veterans over 60's 1st team were being acquired as 6
men and 2 ladies had played.
5. Next Meeting
Wednesday 09th May 2012. 7.30pm at the Civil Service Social Club.
The meeting was closed at 9.25pm.
The fourth and last committee meeting was being held on 09th May 2012. The
agenda included:
Minutes of 07th March 2012 and Matters Arising
Web Site, Kent League Any Age Format, County Teams Policy Update, Development
Funding Policy Revision, Funding Applications, Kent Team Competition Expansion.
Reports and New Issues
Chair - Mark, Vice Chair - Bob, General Secretary - Roger,/ issues: application of KCTTA
Rules, Officers and Committee members prepared to re-stand for election, Treasurer - Les/
issues: AGM accounts, affiliation fees for next season, application to support L.Savill at
ESTTA event, County Teams - Ted, Kent League - David, Umpires - David, Closed
Tournament - Bob, National Council - Ken, Neil/ issue: ETTA membership fee, Development
- Roger/ issue; benefit of a Kent Plan, Committee Members - Gary, Marianne, Jill, Wayne.
Guest Claire Moore re Junior Series Tournaments.
Any Other Business.
The meeting record will be issued in the June NewsLINK.
Please let your committee know what you think on any plans and proposals outlined
in this issue of NewsLINK and any ideas that you think ought to be considered.
Contact us on committee@kent.net.
That is it for this edition but we hope to hear from you.
Secretary. On behalf of all the KCTTA Committee.
Kindly provided by Bob Baker, KCTTA Tournament Organiser.
Seniors held on Sunday 22nd April held at The Howard TT Centre, Rainham
Mens Singles Winner: Sule Olaeye (Brom), R/u Chris Bartram (Brom)
Mens Doubles Winners: Chris Bartram (Brom) & Mark Romano (BH), R/u Richard
Carden (Med) & Simon Forest (Med)
Ladies Singles Winner: Jasmn Ould (BH), R/u Emma Tovey (Maid)
Ladies Doubes Winners: Jasmin Ould (BH) & Jackie Williams (Brom), R/u Daniella
Gray (Weald) & Emma Tovey (Maid)
Mixed Doubles Winners: Chris Bartram (Brom) & Jackie Williams (Brom), R/u Mark
Romano (BH) & Jasnin Ould (BH)
Under 21 Mens Singles Winner: Aaron Smith (Brom), R/u Tom Windram (NWK)
Under 21 Ladies Singles Winner: Emma Tovey (Maid), R/u Daniella Gray (Weald)
Veterans Mens Singles Winner: Chris Bartram (Brom), R/u Joe Kennedy (Brom)
Veterans Ladies Singles Winner: Jackie Williams (Brom), R/u Gillian Skilbeck (Maid)
Veterans Over 60 Winner: Chris Hooper (Folk), R/u Roger Harris (Maid)
Man of Kent Winner: Ian Gordon (Med), R/u Richard Carden (Med)
Kentish Man Winner: Milan Dobrev (Brom), R/u George Watson (Brom)
Ladies Consolation Winner: Gillian Skilbeck (Maid), R/u Carol Day (Ton)
Juniors held on Saturday 5th May held at The Howard TT Centre, Rainham
Under 18 Boys Singles Winner: Daniel Lawrence (BH) , R/u Tom Windram (NWK)
Under 15 Boys Singles Winner: Daniel Lawrence (BH), R/u Tom Windram (NWK)
Under 13 Boys Singles Winner: Jack Merton Brom), R/u James Smith (Brom)
Under 11 Boys Singles Winner: James Smith (Brom), R/u Hai Duong (Brom)
Under 18 Boys Doubles Winners: Daniel Lawrence (BH) & Tom Windram (NWK),
R/u Jack Davies (Brom) & James Smith (Brom)
Under 15 Boys Doubles Winners: Daniel Lawrence (BH) & Tom Windram (NWK),
R/u Toby Bartram (Brom) & Jack Merton (Brom)
Cat II Boys Winner: Jack Davies (Brom), R/u Andrew Lockwood (BH)
Under 18 Girls Singles Winner: Jasmin Ould (BH), R/u Emma Tovey (Maid)
Under 15 Girls Singles Winner: Evie Foster (Med), R/u Ruth Marsden (BH)
Under 13 Girls Singles Winner: Ruth Marsden (BH), R/u Scarlett O’Neil (Chat)
Under 11 Girls Singles Winner: Scarlett O’Neil (Chat), R/u Isabel Webb (BH)
Cat II Girls Winner: Evie Foster (Med), R/u Rebecca Hancock (BH)

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