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Mebs Virani
Fri 04 May '12 @ 7:12pm


In a world where everyone wants to shine, real champions possess a strong work ethic and a certain amount of humility. They single-handedly alter the playing field by elevating everyone in their midst.
Girls can achieve amazing things,if they believe in themselves and have the tools they need to follow their dreams. Today's young women have the desire, determination, and confidence they need to drive race cars, build houses, climb mountains, catch a wave, and set world records.

Fifteen year old, Emma Torkington, is currently ranked at No3 by the English Table Tennis Association at U16, moved to The Kings School Canterbury and is playing for Choughs in the Premier Division of the Canterbury and District Table Tennis League.

Emma is one of four girls selected to represent England Schools U18 at the World Schools Games in Italy in April. Last year Emma represented England U15 in Hungary, Austria and France and at the European Championships in Russia. In 2008, Emma competed in the European U12 Championships in Strasbourg. A former National Singles and National Doubles Champion, Emma has 22 table tennis medals at National level at various ages including five golds (Emma was also IAPS National Javelin Champion at U12 and r/u at U13). Emma loves her sports and played for Sussex at cricket and reached National Finals in netball with Cumnor House School and hockey with Kings, but now Emma is now focused on table tennis and trains with the International U18 Squad.

Emma has a left-hand attacking style,combining a fast heavy forehand topsin with a quickfire backhand punch and block.Her variety of serves also helps her to win points.
Her training programme is a mixture of multi-ball and drill practice and her fitness schedule is helped by swimming,gym and athletics.she trains for 6 hours a week and attends four-day training seesions in Sheffield with the England International Youth Squad five times a year.

Marc Burman who lives in Emma’s home town, Haywards Heath and coached Emma regularly until her move to Canterbury but is still involved in coaching her at tournaments said “Emma is now maturing into a formidable player. The power and spin that Emma generates from both wings is exceptional for a female player. It has been interesting to see some of these top ladies’ expressions when they play Emma for the first time. Emma needs to keep building up her match experience. Emma's Dad tells me that he has been impressed with the Canterbury League and Choughs.”

In February, Emma became Kent Schools U16 Champion for the second year running and is still eligible next year. Having transferred from Sussex, due to her move to Kings, Emma now represents Kent. This year, Emma won gold and a bronze at the British Schools U15 Championships and gold at the London Youth Games both teamed with Tin Tin Ho, was runner-up at the Sussex 4 Star U18, runner-up to Wales with Burton and Uxbridge in the Premier Division of the U18 British League, a bronze medal winner with the South East U18 in the UK School Games and winner of Band 3 and runner up in Band 2 of the Medway Women's Grand-Prix.

As her new coach Huang Shu or ‘Madame Ping Pong’ as she was dubbed by Channel 4 says, "Emma is developing her technique for the senior game, not for instant success. She is working very hard and doing very well at the moment. She is a very talented young player with lots of potential to improve and hopefully be a successful player for England Seniors in due course. Emma just needs to keep working harder and harder, continually developing her game for the challenges ahead."

Emma’s involvement in table tennis at an early age has helped her develop high self-esteem which has helped her stay happy and strong during the difficult teenage years.
A significant feature of her success has been the role of her parents in encouraging positive sports behaviour and effective communication which has enhanced Emma’s fun and camaraderie of table tennis.
They have taught her to be respectful to others by displaying good sportsmanship and they have lifted her with positive reinforcement which will impact her for the rest of her life.
The story of Emma Torkington so far has been the development of an individual dedicated to her sport and destined to become successful in that chosen sport.
With the right support in place she will have the best experience possible and her parents have encouraged her to give her best in table tennis. They have given her a chance to be great and that lesson in life will carry her beyond the table tennis arena

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