Closed Championships Review 15/03/2012

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Thu 15 Mar '12 @ 7:12am


The 2012 Canterbury Closed Championships take place this Sunday 18th March and attention focuses on the the draw and the prospects of players in the 12 events.
In the Open Singles top seed Ian Gordon faces a potential semi-final against Ian Mileham,but will need to overcome Ron Rowley or Mike Howard for that privilege,while Mileham could face a tricky quarter final against Peter Roberts.
In the bottom half of the draw Ray Jordan is scheduled to meet second seed Phil Morford but faces challenging matches against Azim Griffith and Martin Hewitt,while Morford will need to get past David Jeavons and then face the prospect of facing Paul Payen or Barry Chapman.
The Open Doubles sees top seeds Morford and Jordan in a possible semi final encounter against Andy Roberts and Ian Gordon but both pairings will have to wary of Mike Howard/Chris Hearn and Peter Roberts/Andrew Cannon lurking in their half,while second seeds Rowley and Chapman face testing ties against Colin May/Martin Hewitt before a possible semi final tie against Paul Smallman/Paul Payen.The latter pair have an awkward tie in their draw against Griffith/Jeavons.
The Ladies Singles will be dominated again by Tina Stewart,who is scheduled to meet Linda Wickings in the final but Mrs Wickings will need to get past the exciting young prospect,Lara Rodday.
Rodday partners Mrs Stewart in the Ladies Doubles in a possible final against either Heather Robertson/Jenny Hogben or Wickings/Jill Weaver.
The Mixed Doubles sees current holders,Wickings/Chapman in a possible semifinal against Howard/Roberts while Jeavons/Stewart could be up against Bothamley/Rodday or Robertson/Coles.
With just 4 seeds in the Veterans Singles,the outcome of this event remains wide open.
Top seed,Ian Gordon,is on course to meet Phil Morford,but he waill have to negotiate the likes of Mike Howard or Peter Roberts,while Morford should meet Ian Mileham in the semis but in the way of these two are Ron Rowley,Barry Chapman,Colin May and Paul Smallman.
Gordon and Chapman team up in the Vets Doubles and should meet Rowley and Roberts in the final,but in the way could be Howard/Hearn and Smallman/May and the vastly experienced pairing of David Cue and Brian Kennett.
The Over 60’s event sees Dennis Cannon in his maiden Over 60’s tournament as top seed,hoping to face Arthur Martin,but current holder,Roy Coles cannot be ruled out,along with Tina Stewart,Brian Kennett and David Cue.
The Division 1 Singles event should see top seed Michael lee meet Derek Smith in the final but they could face obstacles in the form of Adam Goodall,Roy Coles and Brian Kennett in the earlier rounds.
Division 2 Singles top seed,13 year old Connor Russell,will need to overcome John Wickings in the semi final if he is to meet second seed,Nigel Stansfield in the final,but the latter will face competition from either Bothamley or Jake Coombs.
Kell Davies is top seed in the Division 3 singles event and should meet Jenny Hogben in the final,but may face opposition from Joe Kay and Adam Jones.
The 4th Division singles will be an interesting event,with Lara Rodday hoping to meet Jackie Fok in the final.

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