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Started by Linda & John Wickings

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Linda & John Wickings
Sun 26 Feb '12 @ 1:08pm

We played the cup game last night unfortunately we LOST to Faversham C.
They played exceptionally well, winning most of the games, however I must say the handicaps were spot on.

p.s. I know its a thankless task organising handicaps. Not sure who's setting them, Michael, or you guys but whoever is, is doing a fine job
Bob Young

Linda & John Wickings
Sun 26 Feb '12 @ 1:04pm

Hi Linda. Iron Room bt Blue Lawn in Dare Cup by 20 points. The card is on way posted fri night. I must add its the best and most exciting cup game I've played and team mates in 30 years. Blue Lawn played out of there skins - all credit goes to them. Phil Morford and team. ps hope ur good.

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