Matcyh Reports 16/02/2012

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Mebs Virani
Thu 16 Feb '12 @ 8:41am


Second Division leaders,Chestfield Warriors 3,moved a step closer to
landing the title with the loss of just 4 points in their last 3
Against a two man Blean Lions side,Connor Russell maintained his
superb form,beating both Barry Hull and Peter Cole,but both Jake
Coombes and Dirk Froebrich lost close games against Hull to give
Warriors a 7-3 win.
Russell and Froebrich continued their winning streaks against Herne
Bay G,remaining unbeaten while Coombs lost to Graham Waters,but
Warriors still strolled to an 8-1 win.
Warriors 3 most recent win saw them comprehensively outplay Faversham
B for an 8-1 win. Russell and Coombs both got worthy trebles including
wins against Kevin Lloyd who had beaten both of them in the first
These 3 wins has stretched Warriors 3 lead over second placed Warriors
2 to 14 points but despite winning their last 3 doubles games,Warriors
3 trail Warriors 2 by one point in the doubles league.
Warriors 2 have themselves posted 3 wins in an attempt to keep up the
pressure on their club colleagues but have dropped 3 more points in
the process.
John Wickings hit a hat trick against Herne Bay E to give his side a
7-2 win while Eric Cawkill carved out a maximum against Choughs C to
make a 6-3 win. Both John Wickings and stand in Jake Coombes added
maximums to inflict an 8-1 win over struggling Warriors 4 but the task
to catch Warriors 1 remains a tough proposition for them.
Three other sides remain in contention for the position of runner up.
Herne Bay F scored wins in 3 out of their 5 games in the second
half,losing 4-5 to both Choughs C and Blean Lions. Instrumental in
Bay’s success has been the success of Mick Micklethwaite and Ray
Cherry,who have been unbeaten in 3 out of the 5 games.
Blean Lions have gradually extracted themselves from the relegation
zone of the 2nd division,moving into 7th position,a point above Herne
Bay G.
Seven points behind the Bay comes Blean C,a side that had scored just
one win in 9 games before they came up against Faversham B.Mick
Barwick and Robert Easton won 2 each and Dennis Brindley scraped a 5
set win over Richard Bothamley to give Blean a 5-4 win,but they still
face an uphill struggle to escape relegation.
Chestfield Warriors 4 remain firmly rooted to the bottom of Division
2,still without a win in 12 outings.

It was reported on 2nd February 2012 that,in the match between
Faversham D and Choughs E,Jackie Fok beat Lara Rodday 3-2.
This was not the case and it was Rodday who won the match 3-2 and
Faversham D beat Choughs E 3-2 and not as was stated.

The Canterbury Closed Tournament will take place on Sunday 18th March
2012 at the Abbey School,Faversham.
The closing date for entries is Thursday 1st March and entry forms can
be found in the Members Handbook.
All entries should be sent to the Tournament organiser,Ron Rowley

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