Match Reports 09/02/2012

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Mebs Virani
Thu 09 Feb '12 @ 5:57pm


The 1st division title race is developing into an exciting contest between 4 sides that are separated by just 4 points.

Heron B find themselves on top after wins in 3 of their 4 games in this half.
A 6-3 win over Blean A,followed by a vital 6-3 win over fellow contenders,Choughs B and a 6-3 win over 5th placed Herne Bay sees them ahead by two points from Rough Common.
Their one loss came against Whitstable Natives A,losing 3-6 thanks to a Nick Fairweather treble.
Heron have been in dominant form at this stage for several seasons but have faltered surprisingly due to an unexpected loss of form in key games.Their last 4 games include two of the top 4.
Second placed Rough Common are experiencing a dip in form,managing only 14 points in their last 3 games.
Their recent game against Iron Room B saw them go from a 2-1 up scoreline to lose the next 5 ties and lose the match 3-6. They still have a game in hand over Heron but Iron Room stay in contention,just 4 points behind Heron.
Sandwiched between Rough Common and Iron Room come Choughs B,a side with just one loss in their last 5 games.This side may prove to be the dark horse of the 4 sides and they still have Iron Room and Rough Common to play.

3rd Division side,Dizzy Heights,have regained leadership of the division,with two emphatic win in their recent games.
A 7-2 win over Herne Bay H,followed by an 8-1 victory over Blean D sees them maintain their unbeaten record and create a 9 point gap between them and Chestfield Warriors 5.
Andrew Coleman failed to maintain his 100% record against Blean,losing 1-3 to Jean Jones but his side are sustaining their winning performance and failing any undue disasters they could lift the 3rd Division title.
Behind Dizzy Heights the race is on to occupy 2nd place.
Four sides are in contention with just 12 points between them.
Warriors 5 are in second place but a point behind them comes Warriors 7
These two sides met recently and an outstanding performance by Jack Young helped Warriors 5 to a 6-3 win that dented Warriors 7’s hope of a possible top 2 finish.
Eight points behind Warriors 7 are Choughs D,who have slowly climbed up the table but suffered a setback in their last game against Whitstable Natives A. In match which saw just two players for each side,Barry Cook beat Richard Partridge 3-2 and David Cooke 3-0,while Miroslav Pekarcik beat Partridge 3-2 but lost to David Cook 1-3,giving Natives a 6-3 win.
In 5th place comes Warriors 6,a side that has slipped down the table and are 12 points behind Warriors 5.
Their hopes of mounting a challenge for a top 2 finish look remote as their remaining 8 games include 5 matches against the top 4 sides.

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