Lew Vale Cup Roundup 26/01/2012

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Mebs Virani
Thu 26 Jan '12 @ 8:22am


In the second of the Cup Competitions, the Lew Vale Cup,played on an Individual handicap team basis,several teams advanced to the next stage with very close results.

Chestfield Warriors 3 were up against Cup specialists,Heron B,in a tight encounter.
Jake Coombes’s 6 point start over Graham Solly was enough to give him a 21-18 first set but Solly fought back in the second for a 21-16 win.
Dirk Froebrich used a 8 point advantage over Peter Chapman to claim the first set,21-18,but Chapman scraped the second set 21-19.
Connor Russell’s slim 2 point lead over Ian Blogg looked woefully inadequate as he slumped to a 9-21 defeat in the first set,but he regrouped in the second set to carve out a 21-19 win.
Froebrich scored a significant win over Solly,beating him in both sets with a 8 point lead to put Warriors 5-3 ahead.
Coombes 2 point lead over Blogg saw him lose both sets,22-24,16-21 to bring Heron level at 5-5.
Russell produced another crucial win for his side as he reeled off a 21-16,21-17 over Chapman with the benefit of a 5 point start.
Blogg struck back for Heron as he cancelled out a 5 point handicap against Froebrich,17-21,15-21 to bring the score to 7-7.
Russell played outstandingly against Solly,romping to a 21-9,21-5 win with a 5 point lead that saw his side move 9-7 ahead.
Coombes faltered in the opening set against Chapman,but powered back 21-19 in the second to give Warriors a 10-8 lead.
Warriors needed just one set in the doubles to wrap up the match 11-8

Iron Room A featured in a sparkling match against Faversham B that went down to the doubles.
David Cue had to fight hard to win his opening set,23-21, against Richard Bothamley off a 8 point deficit but was unable to contain him in the second set,losing 14-21
Phil Morford faced a 17 point handicap against Lara Rodday and this proved just beyond him as he went down 17-21,19-21.
Colin May faced a 12 point handicap against David Oliver and struggled to get ahead in both sets,losing 18-21,14-21 and Faversham moved 5-1 ahead.
Morford found success against Bothamley,carving out a 21-16,22-20 win despite giving away a 15 point handicap.
Cue managed the first set against Oliver,21-16 but slipped to a 9-21 defeat in the second set off an 8 point handicap.
Rodday took the first set against May,21-16,off a 14 point start,but the latter rallied to score a 24-22 win in the second,but his side still trailed 5-7.
Morford weathered a 15 point deficit against Oliver to force a 21-18,23-21 win to finally bring his side level.
May made the telling breakthrough for his side as he contained the 12 point start of Bothamley to register a 21-19,21-17 win and pull away 9-7.
Rodday gave her side hope as she beat Cue in the opening set,21-12 off a 10 point start,but Cue ground out a 21-17 win in the second,leaving his side 10-8
A 21-19 win the doubles was enough for Iron Room to clinch a match that at one stage was slipping away from them.

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