Dare Cup Roundup 12/12/2012

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Mebs Virani
Thu 19 Jan '12 @ 9:28am


In the opening matches of the the Dare Cup,the team handicap competition,two teams scraped through by the narrowest margin.
Herne Bay H had to give 30 points to Blean E and were soon in trouble as Dave Goddard managed a 15-25,25-24 scoreline to edge his side ahead.
Roger Townsin went past Les Taylor 25-9,25-21,but Linda Sopp struggled against Steve Hutton,15-25,24-25.
Townsin held off the challenge of Goddard,25-19,25-18 and Messenger kept Hutton at bay,25-19,25-19, to bring the Bay within 5 points of Blean at the halfway stage.
Sopp fared better against Taylor,25-19,22-25 and Bay took the lead after Townsin beat Hutton 25-21,25-21.
Sopp narrowly lost her first set against Goddard but a disastrous second set,9-21,saw Blean into a 12 point lead.
Messenger looked to be making ground against Taylor in the first set,winning 25-18,but Taylor totally reversed matters in the second set with a 25-16 win that saw Blean enter the doubles with a 14 point advantage and needing 36 points over two sets to win.
Bay won the first set 25-13,but the second set saw a spirited comeback by Blean,only for them to lose 25-22 and the match by one point.

Chestfield Warriors 2 had a 100 point start over Choughs B and made a good start through Eric Cawkill producing a 23-25,20-25 scoreline against Farouk Karim.
John Wickings could not match his colleague’s result,losing 16-25,11-25 to Roy Coles.
Linda Wickings found the going tough against Stephan Launois,losing 12-25,18-25 and Choughs had halved the lead at this stage.
John Wickings ground out a great 25-24,25-20 result against Karim and Cawkill did well to carve out a 19-25,20-25 result against Launois,leaving Choughs 45 points behind at the mid point of the match.
Mrs Wickings kept to her target of 40 points over two sets against Coles with a 23-25,17-25 result and John Wickings picked up crucial points against Launois,19-25,25-23.
Karim put the pressure on Warriors with a 25-13,25-14 win over Mrs Wickings that put his side just 8 points behind.
Cawkill matched Coles point for point in their tie,with both player taking a set eac,24-25,25-24,leaving Warriors needing 42 point from their two doubles sets to win.
Cawkill and John Wickings made a superb start,taking Coles and Launois to 23-25 in the first set.
In a tense second set Warriors kept up the pressure but the Choughs duo held them off 25-18 to win the match by a point.

In other Dare Cup games Herne Bay D,with a 60 point lead, beat a reduced strength Choughs A side by 73 points,in a game that saw Simon Lee win 5 out his 6 sets to help set up his side’s win.
Blean D faced Warriors 7 in their opening Dare Cup game. The match was played off a scratch start and soon Warriors had opened up a 20 point lead by the halfway mark.Jacob Midson was instrumental here,winning 5 out of his 6 sets.Warriors came through by 33 points.

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