Doubles League Report 08/12/2011

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Thu 08 Dec '11 @ 9:04am


The Doubles situation in the CDTTA league sees certain teams that do not always perform well in the singles competition finding their form in the separate Doubles League.

At the top of the Premier Doubles League are Herne Bay A.Their one loss has been a 1-3 defeat to Hoath A,although they were pushed to a 5th set by Hoath B and manged to hold on to win 3-2.
In second place,a point behind. are current Premier Doubles champions,Hoath A. Undefeated in 6 games and having dropped just two points the Champions will be a hard act to beat.
Two points behind Hoath A are Iron Room A.They had scored 5 victories in a row but went down surprisingly 1-3 against Faversham A. Their next two games are against the top two and the outcome of these doubles games will determine how serious Iron Room’s challenge will be.

Iron Room B have assumed top slot in the Division 1 Doubles league.
From seven games they have won six games,losing only to Heron B in straight sets.
The latter side are 3 points behind Iron Room but have suffered two 3-0 defeats at the hands of Natives A and Rough Common.
In 3rd place are Herne Bay C,a point behind Heron but with two games in hand over the top sides. Their one defeat has been a 2-3 loss against Heron and they have to face both Iron Room and Natives A before the halfway stage of the league programme.

Chestfield Warriors 2 have opened up a 2 point lead at the top of the Division 2 Doubles League.Unbeaten in 7 ties they have only dropped two points and are looking strong.
Behind them come club colleagues,Warriors 3. They have repeated their success in the singles league with the exception of a defeat to Herne Bay G.Both these Warrior sides meet this week in what will be a crunch match for both.
Faversham B have lost to both Warrior sides in the doubles but still hold on to 3rd place,four points behind the leaders.

The doubles situation in Division 3 sees six teams separated by 4 points.
Leading the pack are Warriors 7,who have lost 3 games 2-3 but still retain top spot.
Two points behind them come Warriors 5,Herne Bay I and Warriors 6 and two points behind them are Dizzy Heights A and Herne Bay H. This close situation has the making of a close finish at season end.

Faversham C top the 4th division 4 Doubles League with a 100% record from six matches.
Four points behind them come Faversham D,who have lost two games to the leaders and Choughs E.
Dizzy Heights B are 8 points behind the leaders in third place,but it is Choughs E who pose the major problem to the challengers.
They have 3 games in hand over the leaders,but are 9 points behind.
Straight wins in these games would bring them alongside the leaders but with an inferior games average

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