Match Reports 13/10/2011

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Mebs Virani
Thu 13 Oct '11 @ 6:52am


3rd Division new boys,Chestfield Warriors,have started strongly in their opening two fixtures.
Against Herne I,Jacob Midson was in unstoppable form,beating Steven Dawson,Val Ranken and Adrian Dowman comfortably while Adam Jones added two,losing to Dowman in the deciding set and Kell Davies added two,despite a straight sets loss to Dawson.
Warriors were denied a win in the doubles,losing in the 5th set.
In their next game against Blean E,Midson continued his sparkling form with straight set wins over Andy Bate,Dave Goddard and Les Taylor,while Jones gained a noteworthy treble which included a 5 set win over Goddard.Davies added two,losing to Taylor in 4 sets.
Warriors took the doubles in 4 sets.

In the same division club colleagues,Chestfield Warriors 5,got off to flying start in their opening fixture against Blean E
The trio of Simon Howe,Bernard Ebeck and Bob Young all secured maximums but Young had to weather two 5 setters against Steve Hutton and Andy bate before coming through in the 5th set.
Warriors 5 added to their 9-0 win with a 3-0 win in the doubles.

Another 3rd division side that has started well is Choughs D.
In their opening match against Blean D,Choughs lost the opening two ties,with Richard Partridge losing in straight sets to Keith Ackland and James Ivens lost 1-3 to Kevin West.
Choughs rallied and fought back through David Cooke,who beat Jean Jones in straight sets and from that point Choughs won the next 6 ties,with Cooke moving to a notable hat trick,beating West in 5 sets and Ackland in 4 sets to give Choughs a 7-2 win.
Choughs scraped a 3-2 win in the doubles.

4th Division side,Dizzy Heights C,began their league campaign with an impressive 5-0 win over Choughs F.
Alan Culver saw off Michael Green in 4 sets and William Newman in sets while Brendon Miles saw off both his opponents with similar scores.
The doubles proved more of a challenge,with the Heights holding off Choughs in the deciding set.

Ist division side,Rough Common,Have signalled their intention for a swift return to the top flight with emphatic victories in their opening two games.
Against Whitstable Natives A,Christian Hanys and Mick Eames were unbeaten against Tony Causer,Adam Goodall and Nick Fairweather,although Eames needed 5 sets to win against Goodall.
Goodall scored his side’s solitary win,beating Gary Smith in 4 sets,but it could not prevent the Common winning 8-1
Natives edged to a final set victory in the doubles.
Against Herne Bay C,Simon Lee beat John Hammond and Guilio Guariglia beat Mick Eames in the opening two exchanges,but from then on the Common took control,winning the next 7 ties,which included a treble from Smith,but he needed two setters to get past both Lee and Guariglia.
The Bay got their revenge in the doubles with a 3-0 win.

Newly promoted to the 1st division,Blean A,were given of taste of things to come,losing 9-0 to the Heron B side of Peter Chapman,Graham Solly and Ian Blogg.
The doubles also went to Heron,3-1

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