Summer League Report 07/07/2011

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Sun 10 Jul '11 @ 4:10pm


The top two positions in Group 1 of the Summer League have now been been confirmed.
CW2 won their final game 5-0 to claim the top slot, 5 points clear of Bazrack.
Behind them the situation remains unresolved. Choughs Choir Boys and CW6 are separated by one point and both have one to play,but the threat to both comes from 5th placed,Busby Babe,a point behind CW6 and two games in hand.
CW5 have played all their games and cannot qualify for the Beckett Shield,while Dizzy Heights B ,with two games to play,have an outside chance of qualification,but face stern opposition in the form of Busby Babe and CW6.
CW11,with two games to play against tough opponents,will find it difficult to find a way to qualification.

Two of the top sides in Group 3 have secured their qualification to the Beckett Shield.
CW9 and CW3 are assured of their places in the next stage,with CW3 haveng one to play and a chance to finish ahead of CW9.
Pheasant Pluckers completed their qualification fixtures to occupy 3rd place but face the challenge of 4th placed Kayos.
With two games to play the Kays need just 3 points to overtake the Pluckers
and steal 3rd place.
Magnum Force have no more games to play and may have settle for the Chapman-Gardiner Cup.
Behind the Force comes Choughs Other Team,who need 7 points from their last two games to go ahead of the Pluckers and compete with the Kayos for 3rd place
Dizzy Heights A are two points behind Choughs with two to play but one of their opponents are Kayos and this could prove a stiff prospect for them to overcome.

Group 2 leaders,Jams,have qualified,along with CW7,CW8,but the 4th qualification slot will be determined by ½ Red,who still have 4 to play.

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