Summer League Report 30/06/2011

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Mebs Virani
Sat 02 Jul '11 @ 6:44pm


As the qualification stage of the Summer League draws to a close the battle for a place in the Beckett Shield becomes more intense.

Unbeaten Group 3 leaders,CW9 Little n Large,played their final group game against Kayos. CW9 seemed assured of qualification but were looking to wrap up the group undefeated while Kayos needed a good result to make certain of qualification.
Joe Kay started off for his side against Kell Davies on a scratch start and managed an important 2-0 victory.
Kevin Kay had to give Jacob Midson a 15 point lead but he caught up in both sets to carve out a 2-0 win.
Midson regrouped in his game against Joe Kay,converting a one point deficit for a two set win.
Davies had the advantage of a 16 point start over Kevin Kay and game was locked at 1-1 before Davies secured a significant 2-1 win and level the match at 2-2.
The Kayos pair had to concede an 8 point start to CW9 but the Kays stormed to a 2-0 victory,bringing to an end the undefeated run of CW9,but more importantly put themselves in a strong position for qualification,ten points behind CW9 but with two games still to play.

In the same group Pheasant Pluckers needed a comprehensive result against Choughs Other Team if they were to have any chance of qualification.
Graham Solly had to give Bob Hassam a 12 point start but the Choughs player could not make an impression on his opponent and went down 2-0
Ethan Solly was involved in a close game against Richard Partridge that saw the young player have a 3 point start and the game going to a deciding set with Solly emerging winner.
Partridge had an 11 point lead over Graham Solly but he was unable to make an impact and lost 2-0.
Ethan Solly used a slender two point advantage over Hassam to take their game to a deciding set which he eventually won.
The Solly pairing had to give the Choughs duo a 5 point start and they had to go to a third set before sealing victory and an overall 5-0 win that lifts them level on points with Kayos but with just one game to play.Choughs are 7 points adrift of the Pluckers but still have 3 to play and could still make qualification.

In Group 2 Jams finished their qualification programme with a 5-0 walkover against Choughs Owls,while CW7 Ponging Pingers went a step nearer qualification with a 4-1 win over CW4. Dirk Froebrich made two wins and Jake Coombes made one and they took the doubles. This win lifts them into second place with one to play.
The final positions in this group will be determined by the ½ Red side,who still have 4 games to play,including CW7 and CW8.

Group 1 leaders,Bazrack,completed their programme with a 3-2 win over Choughs Choir Boys and stand two points clear of CW2 but the latter has one game yet to play,against CW6,who are in joint fourth place with Busby Babe.

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