Summer League Report 16/06/2011

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Fri 17 Jun '11 @ 5:26pm


Group 2 high fliers,Jams,continued their impressive run against Los Jugadores in their recent match.
Paul Bee got Jugadores off to a good start,overcoming Jim Burns in 3 sets off a 1 point handicap.
Steve Furber had to give Sue Harris a 5 point lead and both players shared the first two sets before Mrs Harris edged her way to victory in the decider.
Bee then played Mark Walton,who had a 2 point start and this turned out to be a close game,with the first two sets being shared,but Walton made victory in the decider to put Jams 2-1 ahead.
Furber had to concede two points to Burns and this proved to be another close game,with both players taking a set each and in the final set it was Burns that claimed victory.
Jugadores strolled to a 2 set win in the doubles but Jams got the 3-2 win to remain unbeaten in Group 2 and in sight of qualification.

Top side in Group 3,CW9 Little’N’Large, faced Dizzy Heights C in their recent game,hoping to maintain their unbeaten run.
Kell Davies faced Tina Stewart in the opening game with the CW9 player starting on 17 and his opponent starting on –5 and he quickly moved to a 2-0 win.
Colleague Jacob Midson played Matthew Clayson with a 1 point advantage.Both players managed a set each before Midson clinched victory in the decider.
Davies was back in action against Clayson,having the benefit of a 2 point start and managed a 2 set win.
Midson started his game against Mrs Stewart +17,-5,but he was unable to capitalise on this advantage against his experienced opponent and lost 1-2
CW9 had a 12 point start in the doubles and they used this to carve out a 2-0 win and a 4-1 victory,maintaining their unbeaten run and keeping top slot in the group.

After losing their opening 3 matches in Group 1,Choughs Choir Boys were hoping for a result in their favour against CW6 Bearded Wonders,a side that had also yet to register a win in this group.
Darren McCulloch-Smith conceded 13 points to Bernard Ebeck but pulled off a 2-0 win.
Jackie Fok had a 4 point start over Jill Weaver but was unable to make any impression on his opponent and went down 2-0.
McCulloch-Smith maintained his fine form,beating Mrs Weaver in straight sets despite a 11 point handicap.
Fok had a two point start over Ebeck and played well to score a 2 set win over the CW6 player.
Choughs had to give away a 5 point lead to their opponents in the doubles and found it difficult to make any impression,losing 2-0 but still got an overall 3-2 win that puts them in 5th place in their group,but with 2 tough games coming up qualification could be difficult to achieve.

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