Lew Vale Cup Final 2011

Started by Linda & John Wickings

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Linda & John Wickings
Fri 27 May '11 @ 11:42am

Veteran cup team Heron B (Peter Chapman, Graham Solly and Ian Blogg)were up against the much younger and less experienced Chestfield Warriors 8 (Jacob Midson, Johnny Nevett and Mano Sathymurthy). CW8 got off to a flying start with all three winning their first matches by 2 games to love. The handicaps were obviously a struggle for the veteran team but even so they managed to get close in the first of the games. Ian Blogg however, didn't do so well as his game is attack and didn't really suit the handicap process. The following 4 games all went to 1-1 with Heron B showing some steely reserve, but not enough to overcome the skills of the younger players. Peter Chapman's spinny serve was also dealt with quite comfortably in most cases by the younger players and their ability to float the ball back well proved to be their saviour. The last game played saw Johnny Nevett beat Ian Blogg 2-0, whose frustration showed as he was unable to play his normal attacking game.
Good sportsmanship was shown throughout the evening by all to make it a very enjoyable final.

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