League Report 19/05/2011

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Mebs Virani
Sat 21 May '11 @ 4:29pm


Group 3 hopefuls in this year's Summer League,Magnum Force,started their programme against another side with similar intentions,Dizzy Heights A.
Robert Nutter had to concede one point to Thomas Zhu and the closeness of the handicap was reflected in both players taking one set each before Zhu clinched the decider.
Roger Townsin also had to give a point to Yu Zhu and the match followed the same pattern as the first game,but it was Townsin who edged the decider.
Yu Zhu made no impact on Nutter,losing in straight sets,but Thomas swept aside Townsin 2-0 to level the match.
In a tense 3 set doubles game,the Heights came through in the final set.

The same group saw Pheasant Pluckers begin their bid for qualification against Kayos,a game featuring the two father and son combinations of Peter/David Chapman and Kevin/Joe Kay.
Peter Chapman played the first game against Joe Kay,who started on 17 while Chapman was on -2.Chapman's experience and style saw him come through in the 3rd set.
David Chapman had a 9 point start over Kevin Kay and the game went to a decider before Kay forced victory.
Kay then went on to beat Peter Chapman in straight sets with only a one point lead,while David weathered a nine point deficit against Joe Kay to win in the 3rd set to bring the match to 2-2.
Kayos used their 5 point start in the doubles to carve a good win in the doubles but not before Pluckers took them to a deciding set.

Group 2 side,Choughs Owls,got off to an emphatic start to their Summer League programme with a 5-0 win over Norfolk and Chance.
Peter Bartlett dropped a set against Alan Culver but won the decider despite a 7 point deficit while Farouk Karim came through a 15 point deficit to beat Paul Connolly in two sets and Culver in 2 sets.
Bartlett beat Connolly in 2 sets and the Owls got the doubles in 2 sets.
In the same group Jams gave their qualification chances a boost with a 4-1 win over CW4
Sue Harris beat Craig Francis in 3 sets off a deficit of 6 points and Simon Howe in 2 sets off a one point deficit,while Jim Burns needed 3 sets to overcome Howe witha 4 point deficit and beat Francis in straight sets off a 9 point deficit.
CW4 prevented total humiliation with a 2-0 win in the doubles with the aid of a 5 point lead.

Two of the fancied sites for qualification from Group 1,Busby Babe and Choughs Choir Boys,had an entertaining close game against each other.
Darren McCulloch-Smith had to give Mick Barwick a 10 point start but won in the final set and beat Vince Corbin in a thrilling 3 setter off a 2 point advantage.
Jackie Fok lost to both Corbin and Barwick despite having points advantages of 17 and 5 respectively.
Busby edged through 2-1 in the doubles for an overall 3-2 win.
Group 1 sides,Dizzy Heights and CW5 Wurzels,met in a keenly fought contest.
Andy Coleman of Heights saw off Bob Young in two sets off a one point disadvantage but Joe Asmah was beaten in straight sets by Jack Young,who had to give away 3 points.
Coleman and Jack Young had an entertaining encounter and the Heights man came good in the final set.
Asmah conjured up a 2-0 win over Bob Young and he and Coleman played brilliantly in the doubles for a 2-1 win and an overall 4-1 victory.

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