League Report 05/005/2011

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Fri 06 May '11 @ 6:24pm


Group 1 of the Summer League competition contains several sides that will be in contention for qualifying for the Beckett Shield.
Among these include Herne Bay Hill Billys,made up of Simon Lee and Matt Newman.Both these players finished in the top 3 sides in Division 1 and will be a formidable duo to beat.
Choughs Choir Boys sees Darren McCulloch-Smith team up with Derek Smith and Jackie Fok,an exciting new young player that has great potential and will benefit from the experience of his senior colleagues.
Linda and John Wickings make up CW2 and this pairing will take some beating after their successful winter season in Division 2.
The seasoned veteran side of Busby Babes are back again but this season are joined by Chris Howard and they could mount a serious challenge for qualification.
Barry Shirley and Ricky Kay make up Bazrak,an experienced duo that have had successes in previous Summer Leagues and will figure prominently in the qualification battle.

Leading the charge for qualification in Group 2 will be CW7-Ponging Pingers,a side that includes Josh Algar and Jake Coombes,current holders of the Beckett Shield for the last two years.They are joined by Dirk Froebrich and will be looking for their third triumph.
Los Jugadores sees Steve Furber line up with Paul Bee and this combination may surprise a lot of teams with their unusual styles.
Sue Harris,Jim Burns and Mark Walton make up Jams and they have the experience and flair to not only qualify but progress far in the main competition.
Last year’s runners-up in the Beckett Shield,CW8 Incredibles,comprising Adam Jones and Connor Russell,will be strong contenders for qualification.Both had an extremely successful first season in Div 4 of the winter league and could go one step further in their Beckett Shield quest.
½ Red is a side with Brian Kennett,Hazel Emery and David Cue and their unorthodox and awkward styles will present difficulties to the new,inexperienced players in their group and are serious contenders for qualification.

Group 3 key sides include Pheasant Pluckers,aside made up of Peter Chapman,David Chapman,Graham Solly,Ethan and Lewis Solly.The two senior players are experts in handicap competitions while their junior colleagues are gradually developing into promising players.This will be a tough side to beat.
Magnum Force are there again this year in the form of Paul Messenger,Robert Nutter and Roger Townsin and they will contend vigorously for qualification.
Kayos(pronounced “Chaos”) sees Kevin Kay team up with his son,Joe,in a bid to build upon their success in the Chapman-Gardner Cup last year. This side could provide the shocks in the Beckett Shield.
Dizzy Heights have two teams in this group,the A side with Thomas and Yu Zhu,while the C side will have Tina Stewart,Matthew Clayson,Joe Asmah and Alison Butler. The wealth of experience combined with up and coming young players could see both sides challenging for qualification.
Jill Weaver and John Metcalfe make up CW3 and they will be force to be reckoned with, while the Choughs Other Team has the experience of Richard Partridge,Joe Chan,John Burgess,along with David Smallman and they will be no pushover.

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