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Mebs Virani
Mon 14 Feb '11 @ 11:22am

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NewsLINK February 2011

Information and Views:
greater transparency from and about the Association to its Member Leagues.

League Secretaries,
NewsLINK - for your information and if you would be so kind, also posting onto your League web sites and where possible, forward it to all your Clubs' Secretaries.
Your help on distributing NewsLINK will be very much appreciated.

Something a bit lighter to kick off with.
Who - the oldest team of 3 regular players?
Who - the youngest team of 3 regular players?
Where - in any of our Leagues in Kent?
Let us know if you are that team, or there is a team that might be the oldest or youngest in your league. You can let any committee member know, or send details to rbharris@orange.com.

COUNTY TEAMS are our biggest outgoing cost, way and above anything else.
The Treasurer has to balance the budget, outgoings against annual income.
There has long been a policy on team running costs. It was reviewed and updated at the September 2010 Committee meeting.
There are limits on what elements of team costs are reimbursed, otherwise there would be an unsustainable massive debit each season. So the players themselves shoulder a large proportion of the actual costs. We do though try to ensure the less financially well off are not precluded from playing for their County.
What is the Policy?
The full policy is in the attachment 'Expenses'.
You will see that the venue costs, often a central venue with costs shared by all the participating Counties, are paid for by the KCTTA. Some matches are in say Yorkshire or Somerset but most divisions are geographically organised so teams play nearby Counties. A generalisation is the higher the division the more travelling that is done, sometimes involving staying overnight. These costs, upto an agreed limit, are paid for the first and second teams. All other teams do not receive these expenses. Team shirts are provided by the KCTTA, red with the famous Invicta horse on the front. They last a several years, before renewal is required.
Overall, the outgoings are controlled. Last years outgoings as an example were a total for all teams of £3,765. Around 44% (£1,649) went on Juniors and Cadets, 21% (£801) on the Veterans first and second teams and 35% (£1,315) on the 6 other teams (1 Seniors, 3 Veterans, 2 +60 Veterans).

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th APRIL 2011
The Howard School Main Sports Hall.
Entry forms will be sent out but those who want to ensure they get a copy contact Tournament Organiser Bob Baker.

Premier division
16 Oct 3 matches at Cippenham (Slough)
Beat Hants 1st 8-2
Lost Herts 1st 4-6
Lost Sussex 2nd 0-10
02/03 Apr 4 matches at Wednesbury
Captain Mark Walsh (non playing)
Premier division
19/20 Feb 7 matches venue tbc
Captain Mark Walsh (non playing)
Division 2D
18 Dec 2 matches at Cippenham
Beat Berks 2nd 7-3
Beat Surrey 2nd 9-1
Beat Surrey 1st 6-4
26 March 4 matches at Cippenham
Captain Marianne Jorgenson
Premier division - Kent Vets 1
20/21 Nov 3 matches at Halifax
Beat Essex 1st 7-3
Beat Northants 1st 10-0
Lost Leics 1st 3-7
26/27 Feb 4 matches at Ashford (Middx)
Captain Mark Romano
Division 1B - Kent Vets 2
13 Nov 2 matches at Graham Spicers (Surrey)
Beat Surrey 2nd 7-3
Draw Middx 1st 5-5
20 Jan 2 matches at Graham Spicers, 19 Mar 2 matches at Graham Spicers
Captain Phil Saxby
Division 2B - Kent Vets 3
11 Dec 2 matches at Graham Spicers, 12 Feb 2 matches at Hereford, 05 Mar 2 natches at Kingfischers (Reading), 02 Apr 1 match at Ashford (Middsx)
Captain Wayne Matthews
Division 3B - Kent Vets 4
16 Oct 3 matches at Batts (Harlow)
Draw Norfolk 2nd 5-5
Lost Beds 2nd 1-9
Lost Herts 2nd 3-7
27 Nov 2 matches at Graham Spicers, 02 Apr 2 matches at Batts
Captain Steve Johnson
Division 4C - Kent Vets 5
16 Oct 2 matches at Kingfisher
Beat Berks 5th 8-2
Beat Berks 6th 7-3
19 Feb 2 matches at Trowbridge, 02 Apr 2 matches at St. Neots
Captain Roger Harris
Veterans Over 60
Premier division - Kent +60 1
16/17 Oct 3 matches at Ashford (Middx)
Beat Essex 1st 7-3
Draw Yorks 1st 5-5
Beat Berks 1st 9-1
02/03 Apr 3 matches at Keighley
Captain Ted Tydeman (non playing)/ Tom Adams
Division 1B - Kent +60 2
27/28 Nov 4 matches at Ashford (Middx)
Captain Chris Hooper
Drew Hants 5-5
Lost Essex 2-8
Lost Middsx 3-7
Drew Berks 5-5
22 Jan 2 matches at Ashford (Middx).
Lost Surrey 3-7
Lost Herts 4-6
Position 7th of 7
The league tables are not on the ETTA web site at present.

The County's funds are around £11k. It has been agreed in committee to offer small grants, in line with the Policy proposed by the Hon Treasurer. The KCTTA will fund upto about £1k per year, sufficient to do some good but not unsustainably depleting funds. So far this season we have funded two people to go on the ETTA Tournament courses (at a total of £50) and an interest free loan for the purchase of court surrounds (at around £150). So if any Club or player would like to apply for funding then contact the Hon. Treasurer Mr. Les Etheridge, setting out the amount being applied for, the purpose of the application and how the purpose will be achieved.
Examples might be coaching or umpiring courses, tables and ancillary equipment, training for a volunteer role, marketing the sport and so on.

The role is vacant. We need a volunteer to take up the task from Les Etheridge. The amount of time each week is on average 45 minutes. Obviously an interest in electronic data and messages is a pre-requiste. Les is prepared to help familiarise anyone who comes forward. Anyone interested would be able to regenerate the website and bring it forward, enhancing it as an active interface with members.
A web site is an increasingly important interface with its members, so help would be appreciated. Any one who knows a suitable candidate please let Les know, or any member of the committee.

Looking after and balancing the budget has been in Les Etheridge's admirable care since August 2003, almost 8 years.
Photo see attachment 'les_etheridge'.
He has put forward ideas this year to use our funds to actively enhance the KCTTA's promotion of TT (as in above Development Funding examples), over and above the KCTTA's main strength of operating County teams and the Kent League.

League Secretaries receive a plethora of documents from the ETTA. Having trawled through them, including the South East Regional Development news there is one significant item that affects leagues and their members, the dreaded Individual Membership forms - getting all the Individual Membership details assimilated onto the ETTA database and issuing membership numbers overran the intended date of 15th November and is still to be completed. This is not surprising, as most Secretaries predicted this when the registration procedures where announced. There has been around 17,500 members to issue with membership cards, a huge logistical exercise.
However League Secretaries are this month due to get access to the IM database to carry out checks that their league players are all ETTA registered and paid up members.

Compiled Roger Harris. Development Officer.
Edited Mark Romano. Chair.

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