Important Information from the General Secretary 07/02/2011

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Mon 07 Feb '11 @ 4:44pm

Club Secretaries should have by now received information on notification of rule changes and nominations as per Rule 4(b) of CDTTA Rules.
If I have omitted notification to any Club Secretary I apologise but could I bring your attention to Rule 4(b)so that you may act accordingly before March 1st 2011
Enclosed with the above information was a summary of the ETTA Insurance Liability Summary.Please may I bring to all clubs attention,whether they have one team or several,the Incident Notification and Recording Guidelines,particularly the section dealing with recording incidents.
The Annual Closed Tournament takes place on Sunday 20th March 2011 at the Abbey School Main Sports hall.Entry to the tournament is free of charge and the organiser,Ron Rowley,is sending out a flyer and reminder via email to league members with a registered email address.It is hoped that members will note the date and give their support to the event.

Mebs Virani
General Secretary

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