League Report 03/02/2011

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Sun 06 Feb '11 @ 9:07pm


The fortunes of Canterbury sides in the Veterans Kent League were enhanced by the performance of the A and B sides last weekend.

Canterbury A faced a testing 1st division match against Dover A,former winners of this division,so a tough match was in prospect for the trio of Clive Hollingsbee,Peter Roberts and Arthur Martin.
Hollingsbee began the proceedings against Alan Rutherford and lost a tight opening set,9-11. The second set followed the same pattern,with Rutherford attacking forcefully and Hollingsbee defending bravely. A couple of errors from Rutherford gave Hollingsbee a 11-7 win and the latter repeated the same formula in the third set for a 11-8 win. The 4th set was poised at 10-9 to Hollingsbee but he missed a smash to let Rutherford level and he took full advantage to level the match with a 12-10 win. Rutherford sped away to a 9-4 lead in the 5th set,but Hollingsbee clawed his way back with superb defending,only to lose 9-11 at the wire.
Roberts took out Barry Yarnley in 3 sets,but John Glass restored Dover’s lead with a comfortable 3 set win over Martin.
Rutherford swept passed Roberts 11-4,11-7 in the first two sets with a display of uncompromising attacking table tennis,but Roberts scraped a 11-8 win in the third and 11-6 in the 4th set and finshed strongly in the 5th set,11-4.
Hollingsbee tried to blunt the attacking game of Glass,but apart from a long second game that he won 18-16,Glass looked in control with a straight sets win.
Martin lost the opening set to Yarnley but came back strongly in the next 3 sets,while Roberts did enough in 4 sets to thwart Glass.
Martin held off the challenge of Rutherford in 4 sets and Hollingsbee secured the final tie against Yarnley in 3 sets.
Hollingsbee and Roberts played a magnificent 5 set doubles match against Rutherford and Glass before the Canterbury pair emerged winners,11-8,in the final set and an overall 7-3 win.

Canterbury B were in action against Folkestone B in their 3rd division Veterans Kent League game.
Mick Micklethwaite had a long opening tie against Wendy Newman,with both players sharing the first 4 sets before Micklethwaite secured a 11-7 win the decider.
Mebs Virani beat Barbara Rutherford in 4 sets and Barry Hull came back from a set down to beat Stan Webb in 4 hard fought sets.
Virani came through comfortably in 3 sets against Newman,while Micklethwaite made a good start against Webb in the opening set,winning 11-6,but faltered in the next sets to lose 1-3.
Hull lost his opening game to Rutherford,11-13,but rallied to win the next two,12-10,11-5 and led 10-8 in the 4th before Rutherford amazingly levelled and then went on to win the set,12-10.Hull never regained his composure in the decider,losing 5-11.
Virani was in control in his game against Webb,winning 3-0,but Hull lost the opening game against Newman.but came back strongly in the next 3 sets for a 3-1 win.
Micklethwaite won his final singles against Rutherford in straight sets and Hull and Virani beat Rutherford and Webb,3-1, to give Canterbury B a 8-2 win.

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