league Report 20/01/2011

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Mebs Virani
Mon 24 Jan '11 @ 6:52am


The doubles league section of the league programme is evolving into an intriguing battle between a handful of teams in all the divisions.

In the Premier division,Herne Bay A scored a vital 3-2 doubles win over lurking rivals,Hoath A,to keep their top slot.Second placed,Hoath B,maintained their challenge with a 3-0 win over Iron Room A,but were stretched to 5 sets by Hoath C before taking the deciding set. Hoath B met Herne Bay A recently and secured a significant 3-2 win to go top of the table by virtue of winning more games. The test for Hoath B comes against Hoath A,whom they have to play twice this season.

Ist division side,Herne Bay E’s reign at the top of the doubles league has come to an abrupt end,with 3 losses in their last 4 games to go second Natives A have maintained their winning streak but slip into 4th place due to matches in hand,while Herne Bay C keep up the pressure in 3rd place. The new leaders in this division are Choughs B,a side that has quietly ascended the table with wins in their last 3 games to head the table on superior games average,ahead of 4 sides separated by just 2 points.

Blean A continue to dominate the doubles scene in division 2, remaining unbeaten in 10 games.They have a two point lead over Warriors 2,the latter having lost only two games 2-3. Warriors have opened up a 5 point gap on Herne Bay H,a side that has also dropped just two games,one of those to Warriors. Both Blean and Bay H play Warriors before the end of January and the results of these games will determine the outcome of the doubles issue.

The division 3 doubles situation sees 6 teams separated by 5 points. Warriors 5 share the same number of points as Faversham B and Herne Bay I but they lead by a better games average from both sides. Bay I could have gone top but slipped up 1-3 against Blean C and have also played two games more than the other two.Behind the top 3 comes Choughs F,a side that has lost the momentum slightly with 2 recent doubles losses but are just two points adrift of the leaders. A point behind them are Warriors 4 while Blean C ended a run of 5 doubles defeats with their win over Bay I to keep them in touch.

Dizzy Heights B are clinging on to top spot in the division 4 doubles league despite losing their last two games,one of those to second placed Faversham C. The latter remain unbeaten and also have 2 games in hand over Heights B. Faversham D have moved into third place,3 points behind their club colleagues and on the same points as Warriors 7 but a better games average. Dizzy Heights are two points behind Warriors 7 but with games in hand and look to challenge for top position with Faversham C.

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