Chapman Gardner Cup Final 2010 Report

Started by Mebs Virani

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Mebs Virani
Sat 11 Sep '10 @ 8:53pm


The second of this year’s Summer League finals,the Chapman Gardner Cup,was an all club affair between Blue Lawn 1 and Blue Lawn 2.Both sides had come through some testing ties on the way to the final and the scene was set for an exciting final.

In the opening tie,10 year old Joe Kay of Lawn 2 was up against Barry Shirley with the advantage of a 16 point start. The confident youngster went for his shots and strolled to a 25-9 win in the first set. The second set went the same way,with young Kay emerging winner,25-10.

The next tie saw Kevin Kay,father of Joe, of Lawn 2 up against his cousin,Ricky Kay. Kevin had the benefit of a 3 point start and used it effectively to seal the first set,25-19. The second set saw a more settled Ricky,playing his accustomed game of getting everything back that was thrown at him and he eventually took the set,25-14. Kevin could not find a way to penetrate Ricky’s defence and although both players produced exhilirating rallies it was Ricky who came through 25-12.

Ricky faced a stiff task against his nephew,Joe. A handicap difference of 23 points meant that Joe started at +17 and Ricky at -6. Ricky clawed his way into the first set,only to lose it 22-25,thanks to a string of late winners from Joe. Ricky did it all again in the second set and this time he just got past Joe,25-23. The final set saw a determined Ricky trying to contain Joe but the youngster showed a determination to go for his shots and he emerged a worthy winner,25-21.

Shirley had a 4 point advantage over Kevin but the latter’s game was growing in confidence and he mange to overturn the deficit for a 25-20 win in the first set. Shirley had to win the second set to keep his side in the match and he kept up with Kevin and the score reached 24-24,but it was Kevin who made the winning shot for a 25-24 win and an unassailable 3-1 lead for Lawn 2 in the match to take the Chapman Gardner Cup.

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