Cup Competitions Finals Roundup 2009-2010

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Mebs Virani
Sat 15 May '10 @ 12:08pm

The Dare Cup competition reached the semi finals and finals stage with 3 very closely fought ties.

In the first Dare Cup semi-final,Heron B entertained Choughs A with the advantage of a 110 point lead which required them to score 39 points over two sets to achieve victory.Darren McCulloch-Smith got Choughs off to a good start,beating Graham Solly 25-15,25-12. Ian Blogg took 41 points off Alan Taylor while Peter Chapman bagged 44 points against Paul Waumsley. McCulloch kept Blogg down to 23 and 15 and Waumsley restricted Solly to 15 and 19 but the match took a major turn as Chapman astounded Taylor by beating him 25-23 and 25-17.Waumsley clawed back a few of the lost points by beating Blogg 14 and 16 and McCulloch made sure that Chapman did not produce any further shocks by containing him to 34 points in their two sets. Solly produced his finest contribution with a 23-25,25-19 score against Taylor. Choughs needed to restrict Heron to 26 points in the 2 sets of doubles but 21 points in the first set followed by 24 points in the second sealed a superb win for Heron.
The second semi-final saw Choughs D up against Chestfield Warriors of the 3rd Division.The latter had a lead of 210 points but were in trouble as reserve player Darren McCulloch Smith thrashed Bob Young 8 and 6.Simon Howe steadied Warriors with a 11-25,25-18 score against John Burgess and Bernard Ebeck scored a respectable 21 and 17 against Russell Swain.Young fared no better against Burgess,losing 8 and 5 while Ebeck mustered 17 and 15 to give his side a 100 point lead at the halfway stage. Swain kept danger man Howe down to 18 and18 and Burgess restricted Ebeck to16 and 15 and it was Swain again who delivered the telling blow,keeping Young to 12 and 8 and McCulloch-Smith wrapped up the singles with a 25-20,25-14 win over Howe.Warriors needed 29 points in their two sets of doubles but Choughs were in control,winning 11 and 14 and the match by 4 points.

The final saw Choughs D with a 40 point lead against Heron A and they got off to a brilliant start in the opening 3 ties. Burgess scored 25 and 21 against Chapman,Swain beat Solly 22-25,25-12 while Colin Quinn beat Blogg 25-20,25-14. Solly pulled back points against Burgess,containing him 14 and 19 but Quinn shifted the momentum back to Choughs as he nailed Chapman 14 and 20, to set up a 66 point lead at the halfway stage.Blogg took 25 and 17 against Swain but it was Quinn again who virtually sealed it for Choughs as he powered his way past Solly 14 and17.Blogg could only score 25-19,24-25,against Burgess,while Chapman scored 25 and 19 against Swain in the final singles of the night,which was enough for Choughs D to lift the Dare Cup,winning by 84 points.

The second of this season’s Cup competitions,the Lew Vale Cup,reached its conclusion .

The first semi-final featured Choughs F against Chestfield Warriors 6. Rob Easton shared his two sets with Peter Stacey,but Bob Hassam and Len Pavelin scored wins in both their sets against Dennis Brindley and Brian Milner.Stacey followed this up by winning his two sets against Brindley to forge Warriors 7-1 ahead. Easton shared his two sets with Pavelin,but Milner edged past Hassam in his two sets to give Choughs hope,but Pavelin restored the 6 point lead with a comfortable win in both sets against Brindley. Milner rallied for Choughs with close wins in his two sets against Stacey but Hassam sealed his team’s place in the final with wins in his two sets against Easton for an overall12-6 win.

The second semi-final saw Chestfield Warriors 3 up against Blean Lions. Barry Hull and John Wickings shared their two sets,as did Linda Wickings with Alan Dilnot and Eric Cawkill with Peter Cole. Despite a 4 point lead, Mrs Wickings lost both sets against Hull, while Cole shared his sets with John Wickings with a help of a 6 point lead. Cawkill overcame a 5 point deficit to take both sets against Dilnot to draw Warriors level at 6-6. Mrs Wickings got the better of Cole in the first set but he fought back to steal the second,21-19. Hull took the first set 24-22 against Cawkill and followed it up with a 21-12 to put Blean ahead. Dilnot swept past John Wickings 21-10 in the first set but he replied strongly to overturn a 6 point handicap,winning the second set 21-18. The Wickings pairing made a positive start in the doubles,winning 21-15 against Hull and Dilnot but the later staged a remarkable turnaround in the second set,winning 21-4 to book their place in the final.

The final began disastrously for Warriors,as Hull breezed past Hassam’s 5 point advantage in both sets.Pavelin’s two point lead over Dilnot was not enough to take a set and Stacey’s 4 point advantage over Cole failed to produce a win in either set,leaving Warriors trailing 6-0. Pavelin managed a set off Hull but Cole deliverd the ultimate blow as he took both sets off Hassam to give Blean a commanding 9-1 lead. Stacey took a set against Dilnot but Cole needed just one set against Pavelin to give Blean a 11-2 victory and take the Lew Vale Cup.

The last of this season’s Cup competitions,the Laming Cup, came to its climax with both the semi-finals and final taking place on the 4th May

The first semi-final saw Bob Hassam of Chestfield Warriors against Yu Zhu of Dizzy Heights. Despite a 5 point handicap,Hassam edged his way to a 21-18 in the first set,but Zhu captured the second set 21-19 and this lifted his confidence as he took the next two sets,21-11,21-14.

The second semi-final was a superb game between two young Chestfield Warriors players,Jack Young and Josh Algar. Young received a 5 point start and the first set was an hugely entertaining affair,with both players committing themselves to attacking table-tennis. Algar nicked the set,26-24, but both players continued the same style of play in the second set and it was Young who managed a 21-19 win. The 3rd set carried on in the same manner and Young led 20-16 only for Algar to level at 20-20 and edge it 22-20. This was a blow to Young’s confidence and it showed in the fourth set,losing 21-13.

The final saw Zhu with the advantage of a 10 point lead,but such was the charged up confidence of Algar that Zhu was unable to find a way through his opponent’s consistent game and he lost the first two sets,21-19,21-17. Zhu rallied briefly in the third,23-21,but Algar finished the job,21-18, and lifted the Laming Cup in only his first season of league table-tennis.

In the third place play-off,Hassam beat Young by 3 sets to 1

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