Cup Competitions Quarter -finals Roundup

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Mebs Virani
Thu 04 Mar '10 @ 8:50pm


Cup competitions reached the quarter-finals stage in both the Dare Cup and Lew Vale Cup competitions.

Blean A hosted Choughs D in their recent Dare Cup encounter. The home side had the benefit of a 30 point lead but started falling behind their target of 23 points per set.John Burgess and Colin Quinn contained both Laurie Newman and Paul Simmonds but Del Whiddet scored a vital 25-22 win over Joe Chan in their opening set,only to lose 10-25 in the second. Simmonds took a set off Burgess to claw back some points and Newman kept up with Chan but it was not enough to prevent Choughs opening up a 24 point lead at the halfway stage. Quinn extended that lead to 39 points as he took out Whiddett 25-19 and 25-14 but Simmonds turned the match on its head as he ripped through Chan 25-14 and 25-9. Whiddett played with determination to beat Burgess 25-24 in his opening set but faltered in the second set,15-25. Newman beat Quinn in his two sets but his margin of victory saw Blean 17 points behind at the start of the doubles and it took Choughs just one set in the doubles,25-12, to secure victory by 30 points.

Third division side,Choughs E,had an interesting Lew Vale Cup match in store against second division side,Blean Lions. Matt North made the ideal start for Choughs,beating Ted Abbott in both his sets off a 9 point lead. Alan Dilnot looked totally in control in his opening set against Heather Robertson,winning 21-12 but Mrs Robertson fought back superbly in the second set for a 21-18 win.Stuart Parker shared a set each with Barry Hull. Robertson’s 3 point advantage was not enough to prevent Abbott taking both sets to level the match and Hull followed this with a gritty performance against North,despite a 10 point handicap,to win 26-24,21-15. Back came Choughs through Parker,who powered his wayDilnot in two sets.Robertson failed to make any impression on Hull and lost both her sets but it was Parker again to the rescue,taking both his sets against Abbott with a 3 point lead. North came back from losing the first set against Dilnot to score a 21-11 to take the score to 9-9 and everything depending on the doubles. Robertson and Parker had a 3 point lead over Abbott and Hull but lost the first set 18-21.The second set proved more difficult,as the Blean pair asserted their experience to force a 21-9 win and take the match 11-9.

In other Lew Vale quarter final games, Natives C had begun strongly against Warriors 6,but Len Pavlin won all his six sets to move Warriors into a 9-7 lead.Bob Hassam completed victory for his side by winning both his sets against Peter Godden.
Hoath C were 7-3 up in their Lew Vale game against Choughs F,but Clive Curnick led the fight back with a display of hard hitting attacking table tennis that brought his side to 9-9. The Choughs pair took full advantage of their 10 point lead in the double to carve out a remarkable two set win and win the match 11-9

The quarter-finals of the Dare Cup witnessed a thrilling tie between 4th division side,Faversham E and Premier side,Choughs A. The 4th division outfit had the benefit of a 370 point lead,which meant that they had to score 13 points from their two sets. Ashleigh Shaw made a powerful start for Choughs,beating Meurisse Elysee 25-5,25-2. Harry Law fared better against Paul Waumsley, taking 8 and 12 points in his two sets. Darren Mculloch-Smith kept the momentum going for his side,with a 25-4,25-7 win over Jamie Heaton. Shaw continued his relentless domination over Law,losing just 7 points in two sets,while the unfortunate Elysee could only muster 3 points in the two sets against Mculloch-Smith,leaving Faversham 17 points down on their expected target at the halfway stage of the match. Heaton made a promising start in his first set against Waumsley,taking 9 points,but was restricted to just 2 points in the second set. Law gave his side some hope as he battled bravely against Mculloch-Smith.taking 9 and 13 points in his two sets,leaving Faversham needing 49 points to win from six sets. Shaw made that task more difficult as he restricted Heaton to 7 points from 2 sets while Elysee managed just 10 points to leave Faversham needing 32 points from the two sets of doubles. Law and Heaton took 10 points in the first set and put up a valiant fight in the second set but failed to reach the target of 22,losing 25-17 and the match by a mere 5 points.

Dizzy Heights faced Chestfield Warriors 3 in their Lew Vale Cup quarter-final clash. Thomas Zhu started with a 12 point lead over John Wickings but the Warriors man won both his sets while Eric Cawkill overturned a 15 point deficit to win both his sets against Matthew Clayson.Yu Zhu captured the opening set off Linda Wickings but Mrs Wickings narrowly took the second set to forge Warriors 5-1 ahead. Clayson shared a set each with John Wickings but Mrs Wickings edged her side towards victory by winning both her sets against Thomas Zhu. Cawkill had no problems overcoming a 9 point handicap against Yu Zhu to seal both sets while Mrs Wickings scored the winning set as she overcame Clayson to seal a 11-2 win.

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